Carnival Reveals Name for New $200 Million Private Destination

For more than a year since it was announced, Carnival fans have waited for details on a major project the cruise line is undertaking.

Rending of Carnival Grand Port Project
So far, Carnival has been mum on many details surrounding its new destination (initially dubbed the “Grand Port Project”), but this rendering was featured in a RFQ (Request for Qualifications). Now we know what the port will be officially named. From

Back in May 2022, the line held a groundbreaking ceremony on Grand Bahama for a brand-new private destination. Covering more than 300 acres, the spot is planned to be a cruise passenger’s paradise.

At the time, it was shared that it would be complete with a mile of beach, a waterpark, pools, food, and more. Initial budget estimates were in the $200 million range. Best of all, its location just 120 miles from Miami means that practically any cruise from major ports in the area could call on the destination. 

After the initial excitement last year, however, there’s been little publicly announced news or details surrounding what was simply called the “Grand Port Project.”

Now that seems to be changing.

In a press release this morning, Carnival shared that it has a name for the port, which will be called “Celebration Key.”

Celebration Key is located on Grand Bahama, just about 120 miles from Miami. Map data: TerraMetrics, Google.

“Celebration Key will offer a uniquely Bahamian experience with an abundance of features and amenities, including a one-mile stretch of white-sand beach, as well as Bahamian-operated retail, food and beverage options for Carnival guests to enjoy,” the press release shared.

“For the ultimate convenience and maximum enjoyment time, the adjacent cruise pier will be able to accommodate up to two of Carnival’s Excel-class ships simultaneously to allow guests to walk off the ship and arrive at Celebration Key. A groundbreaking ceremony for the destination was held in May 2022 and design, engineering and construction work is now underway.”

Carnival also shared a few more details on the timeline of completion. Originally mentioned as opening in late 2024, Celebration Key will now start welcoming its first cruises in July 2025.

As well, the cruise line plans to share more details of the entire project in late September. At that time it will also open up the first sailings for sale that visit Celebration Key.

Carnival says the destination will be able to welcome 2,000,000 guests a year once completed. 

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