Carnival & Royal Caribbean Cruise TV Channels (Full Listing)

We know that no one goes on a cruise to sit around and watch TV, but sometimes it can be a great activity. After a day in the sun and humidity of the Caribbean, we’ll admit that we love nothing more than to chill out in a cool cabin, watching some television or Netflix.

We also know that we are not alone. That’s why we’ve rounded up the channel listings for two of the biggest cruise lines: Carnival and Royal Caribbean.

Carnival TV Channel Listing

You can see that there aren’t a ton of channels. In fact, some of the biggest cable channels aren’t available at all, like ESPN. Don’t worry though, if there is a big game you want to watch, it will be shown somewhere on the ship — most likely the SKYBOX Sports Bar that’s on most ships.

As for the rest of the stations, you have all your major networks, some additional channels and then a ton of cruise line specific stations. Also, the channels start at 11 instead of 2, like you would see on land.

Here are all of Carnival’s TV channels:

  • Channel 11: Fun Finds
  • Channel 13: Cruise Life TV
  • Channel 14: Channel Guide
  • Channel 15: Discovery
  • Channel 16: Cruise Life TV 2
  • Channel 17: Shorex
  • Channel 18: Map Channel
  • Channel 19: Forward Camera (From Ship’s Bridge)
  • Channel 20: Lido Camera
  • Channel 21: Audible Funtimes
  • Channel 22: CBS (South Florida affiliate)
  • Channel 23: NBC (South Florida affiliate)
  • Channel 24: ABC (South Florida affiliate)
  • Channel 25: Fox (South Florida affiliate)
  • Channel 26: CNN
  • Channel 27: CNN International
  • Channel 28: CNN Espanol
  • Channel 29: Boomerang
  • Channel 30: Cartoon Network
  • Channel 31: TNT
  • Channel 32: TCM
  • Channel 33: Fun for All
  • Channel 34: TBS
  • Channel 35: Guest Info Channel
  • Channel 36: Radio Channel
  • Channel 37: Movie Channel
  • Channel 38: Movie Channel 2

Here’s a video of the Channel Guide:

Royal Caribbean TV Channel Listing

Royal Caribbean TV channel listing

(Channels start at 14)

Channel 14: Royal Caribbean TV1
Channel 15: Explorations! (Excursion Info)
Channel 16: TBS
Channel 17: CNN International
Channel 18: FOX News
Channel 19: ESPN International
Channel 20: Food Channel
Channel 21: The Variety Channel
Channel 22: Port & Shopping Live!
Channel 23: Turner Classic Movies
Channel 24: TNT
Channel 25: ESPN 2 International
Channel 26: Port & Shopping Network
Channel 27: Royal Caribbean TV2
Channel 28: truTV
Channel 29: Tooncast
Channel 30: Adventure Ocean TV
Channel 31: Channel Guide
Channel 32: E!
Channel 33: Spanish Movies & Info
Channel 34: French Movies & Info
Channel 35: German Movies & Info
Channel 36: Italian Movies & Info
Channel 37: Portuguese Movies & Info
Channel 38: CNN Espanol
Channel 39: Cruise Compass (Schedule)
Channel 40: Ship Camera & Map
Channel 41: Style
Channel 42: XY/TV (Music)

Apart from traditional TV, the ship television also offers movies to rent (it costs about $13 per film) and the ability to review your account.

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  1. I enjoy watching some tv right before going to bed. I just wish the connections were better. The last cruise, the channels kept going in and out.

    • We didn’t have that issue, but our last cruise the remote barely worked. Had to press the channel button three times before it registered!

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