Carnival & Royal Caribbean Cruise TV Channels (Full Listing)

We know that no one goes on a cruise to sit around and watch TV, but sometimes it can be a great activity. After a day in the sun and humidity of the Caribbean, we’ll admit that we love nothing more than to chill out in a cool cabin, watching some television or Netflix.

We also know that we are not alone. That’s why we’ve rounded up the channel listings for two of the biggest cruise lines: Carnival and Royal Caribbean.

Below we have full details on the channel listings. One thing to keep in mind is that we’ve never seen the same channels twice on a cruise line. It seems to be that the offerings vary regularly and from ship to ship.

Therefore the channel listings below should give you an idea of what’s available, but could be different from what you see on your cruise.

Carnival Cruise TV Channel Listings

Update: As of 2019, Carnival upgraded their listings to offer more popular channels you might see at home like HGTV and Discovery. We’ve updated the channel listing to reflect the change.

You can see that there aren’t a ton of channels on Carnival. In fact, many of the biggest cable channels aren’t available at all, like ESPN. Don’t worry though, if there is a big game you want to watch, it will be shown somewhere on the ship — most likely the SKYBOX Sports Bar that’s on most ships or the casino.

As for the rest of the stations, you have things like Nickelodeon for the kids, Discovery, Travel Channel, and some additional cable channels. Much of the rest is a ton of cruise line-specific stations. Also, the channels start at 11 instead of 2, like you would see on land. Notably absent are any networks like ABC or NBC.

Unfortunately, chances are high that if you have a favorite show you hope to watch on your cruise, your stateroom won’t get the station.

Here are all of Carnival’s TV channels:

  • Channel 11: Fun Finds TV
  • Channel 13: Cruise Life TV
  • Channel 14: Channel Guide
  • Channel 15: Safety Channel
  • Channel 16: Cruise Life TV 2
  • Channel 17: Carnival Adventures
  • Channel 18: Map Channel
  • Channel 19: Forward Camera View
  • Channel 20: Lido/Aft Camera
  • Channel 21: Audible Funtimes
  • Channel 22: CBS national news (Replaced CNN)
  • Channel 23: SPYDAR
  • Channel 24: Kids Central
  • Channel 25: Nickelodeon
  • Channel 26: HGTV
  • Channel 27: Food Network
  • Channel 28: Travel Channel
  • Channel 29: Discovery Channel
  • Channel 30: TBD
  • Channel 31: TBD
  • Channel 32: Complimentary Movie Channel
  • Channel 33: Fun for All TV
  • Channel 34: Ocean View
  • Channel 35: Good to Know
  • Channel 36: Music Channel

Here’s a video of the Channel Guide:

Royal Caribbean Cruise TV Channel Listings

Royal Caribbean has a number of familiar TV stations, including ESPN, Fox News, and more. However, it also does not have major network channels.

TV channels on a Royal Caribbean cruise

(Channels start at 14)

Channel 14: Royal Caribbean TV
Channel 15: Shore Excursions (Excursion Info)
Channel 16: Cruise Compass/Pop Music
Channel 17: Channel Guide
Channel 18: Royal Caribbean TV2
Channel 19: NextCruise
Channel 20: MSNBC
Channel 21: Fox News
Channel 22: Port Shopping Guide
Channel 23: Toddlers Programming
Channel 24: Kids Programming
Channel 25: Teens Programming
Channel 26: Port Shopping Network
Channel 27: BBC World News
Channel 28: Sky Sports News
Channel 29: Sport 24
Channel 30: ESPN 1 Caribbean
Channel 31: ESPN 2 Caribbean
Channel 32: ESPN U
Channel 33: ESPN SEC Network
Channel 34: REDBULL TV
Channel 35: Movies
Channel 36: BBC HD
Channel 37: Prime 1
Channel 38: Prime Favorites
Channel 39: Cinco Mas
Channel 40: XYTV
Channel 41: Safety/Departure
Channel 42: The Autism Channel

Sailing on Norwegian Cruise Line? We have NCL’s channel lineup here.

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Carnival & Royal Caribbean Cruise TV Channels (Full Listing)


  1. On Royal Caribbean: Only channel worth watching is TBS but it’s only in Spanish?? Ridiculous! Oceanview Channel would be nice (since our cabin doesn’t even have a window) but it’s not on the lineup. Oh well, guess I’ll just play my iPod/speaker in the room. :-/

  2. Shame on you Carnival!! We are platinum with you and have always sang praises about Carnival but maybe not so much now. You are not going to miss out on casino or drink money just because you have 3 major networks tv in cabins Really Carnival we didn’t expect this from you!!!. None of the other lines have done this. Maybe time to look at Oceania, NCL RCCL,HAL,Celebirty????

  3. Carnival dropped all the network channels for cabin TVs in January. They never said why, but many people believe it’s another cutback. They’ve had a lot of those recently, including the quality of the food in the MDR.

  4. I was recently on the Liberty and they didn’t have all of those channels in our rooms; the sports bars had local(?) channels and ESPN, but all of the feed from TBS, TNT and TCM were from the Spanish Latin American feed. Not that I’m complaining; I wasn’t there to watch TV the entire time, it jut made for a nice reprieve.

  5. I enjoy watching some tv right before going to bed. I just wish the connections were better. The last cruise, the channels kept going in and out.

    • We didn’t have that issue, but our last cruise the remote barely worked. Had to press the channel button three times before it registered!


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