What You Missed on The Real Love Boat Episode #2 (Spoilers Inside)

Couples are starting to make some real connections… but who would be devastated by an early departure from the ship? And would a new female passenger aboard the Regal Princess change the game for the singles? It was all answered on episode #2 of The Real Love Boat.

Here’s what you missed…

The Ship Heads to Gibraltar… and Contestants Get to Know All the Details of Their Partners

First things first, it’s helpful to remember each couple that formed at the Sail Away Ceremony from the first episode. This week, these couples embarked on their first challenge off the ship.

The couples included:

  • Alisa & Nathan
  • Emily & Marty
  • Shea-Lynn & Daniel
  • Brooke & Brett
  • Nicole & Jordan

In this week’s episode, Regal Princess docked in Gibraltar, where Europe and Africa meet, and home to the famous Rock of Gibraltar.

It was time for the couples to head off the ship in a physical challenge that would also have them knowing some intimate details about each other. The challenge included scaling 600 steps to the top of the rock in a race against other couples.

But along the way, there were three stations where each couple had to answer an intimate question honestly. The answers to those questions (which are all numbers) formed the combination to a lockbox at the top of the rock.

The first couple to complete the challenge won the day and got dinner at The Captain’s Table, as well as a key to the romantic Love Boat Suite. As well, since the guys were in charge this week, the winning guy got to pick first in the evening’s Sail Away Ceremony where they can decide who they want to couple up with.

All the teams started strong as they headed to the first box of questions. And there we found out just how intimate these questions really were!

Shea-Lynn had to answer how many threesomes she has had (the answer is one) to Daniel. Jordan had to tell Nicole how many times he has cheated on a significant other (the answer is four). This answer threw Nicole for a loop as she says that loyalty is a huge thing for her in a relationship.

We learn that Brooke has been skinny-dipping once, Alisa has cheated once, and that Nathan has been with 26 different women. We also learn that Brett has been with five women, lost his virginity at 24, and that makes Brooke worry that he might too inexperienced for her.

We also learn that climbing the Rock of Gibraltar is hard. The teams definitely start to slow down, get winded, and make mistakes. In fact, when two teams take a wrong turn, Alisa and Nathan reach the lockboxes first, followed by two other teams.

But the first to unlock their boxes with the combination of answers are Brooke and Brett, who won the competition, including dinner and the key to the romantic suite.

Back on the ship it was time for cocktails, as the couples chatted about the day, including some of the things they were shocked to learn. From these conversations, we start to see that there are some rocky areas to smooth out, such as Nathan being worried about Alisa’s confession of having cheated before.

And then, a twist…

A new contestant — Kendra is introduced. Kendra is a 26-year-old advertising consultant who is a beauty into superhero movies, video games, comic books. Nicole is immediately worried because her partner Jordan seemed to have an eye for Kendra, who is a blonde.

But there are others who also had their eye on Kendra, including Nathan, who thinks Kendra is beautiful.

Nicole, meanwhile, plays offense. She chats it up with Nathan (Shea-Lynn’s love interest) and tells him that despite being partnered with Jordan, Nathan is her “number one” on the ship.

Meanwhile, at The Captain’s Table Brooke and Brett continue to hit it off, with things going well. However, despite having the key to the Love Boat suite, Brett says that it’s too soon to take that step. Rather than being upset, Brooke seems to have a hope that Brett could be the one she’s been looking for, and they both seem very interested in each other.

Small “dates” continue around the ship that mix the couples up. Nathan and Shea-Lynn have a date on the basketball court while Daniel and Nicole have a pool date. It’s obvious that Daniel is conflicted with Nicole’s interest and having some thoughts between her and Shea-Lynn.

Jordan and new contestant Kendra have a spa date in the cabana and seem to make a good connection. She wants Jordan to pick her, but Jordan thinks it’s a hard decision between Kendra and Nicole.

But then things take a big turn…

As the contestants are getting ready for the Sail Away Ceremony where the guys (this week) will pick their partners, two bombshells are dropped.

First, in the guys’ room, Daniel tells Jordan that Nicole is interested in him. That could further solidify Jordan’s newfound interest in Kendra instead of Nicole.

But even bigger, in the girls’ room, Ezra (the ship’s bartender) enters and tells the girls that Brett is feeling unwell and won’t be able to stay aboard the ship. With this news, Brooke is devastated and feels strongly this will mean the end of her time on the Love Boat.

Who Gets Picked at the Sail Away Ceremony?

The Sail Away Ceremony at the end of each episode is where the side in power (either guys or girls) gets to pick one partner to stay for the next port of call. In this episode, the guys get to pick.

While Brett was supposed to pick first because he and Brooke won the Rock of Gibraltar challenge, he is no longer on the ship.

Instead, Marty selects first and there are no surprises when he picks Emily. Emily and Marty seem like the strongest couple by far and are excited to spend more time together.

Daniel goes second and has a tough decision between Shea-Lynn (who he has spent the most time with) or Nicole (who told him that he was her top pick on the ship). In this case, he selects Shea-Lynn.

Nathan, who was with Alisa but also had eyes for Kendra, sticks again with Alisa saying that he wants to get to know her more on the ship.

Finally, Jordan has a choice between Kendra, Nicole, and Brooke. He previously had been together with Nicole, but it’s clear there are some questions between the two. Instead, he selects the newest contestant Kendra to stay.

With that, Nicole and Brooke are unselected. But since Brett went home early, a new guy Dean — a 25-year-old model — is introduced. Dean is unlike any of the other contestants in that he seems much more aloof, happy, and carefree.

But there is only time for some short introductions before Dean has to select which girl he wants stay. Based off their looks and the short interaction, Dean select Nicole to stay.

And with that, Brooke, who seemingly had a sure thing with Brett before he had to leave the ship, also has to depart.

In next week’s episode, the ship heads to Marseille, France.

If you missed any part of the first episode of The Real Love Boat, you can catch up by watching for free on CBS.com.

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