What Royal Caribbean’s New Video Revealed About Icon of the Seas (Sneak Peek)

Royal Caribbean has yet to reveal all the details of what promises to be its most exciting new ship, arguably since Oasis of the Seas joined the fleet as the first Oasis-class ship.

However, in a sneak peek video the cruise line posted, we are getting some hints of what Icon of the Seas will look like, possibly include, and more.

As a set of ongoing teasers for the new ship, the cruise line has posted video updates about its construction, which is currently underway in Finland ahead of the ship’s completion in 2023. But these videos have been cryptic, not revealing too much. In fact, even today we don’t know exactly what the ship will even look like.

But in a new video just posted we are finally getting a chance to see some of the unique characteristics of the ship… even if it’s not clear exactly what they are just yet.


The 7-minute video: Shaping the World’s Newest Icon is posted above. We’ve also highlighted some specific sections of the video that stood out to us as revealing more about what Icon of the Seas may include…

Huge Hole in the Back Deck (Aqua Theater?)

As the video opens, the first thing that stands out is the shot of the aft of the ship. There appears to be a large circular hole, with steps or stadium seating that descend down. This is in the same location as the Aqua Theater on Oasis-class ships, which is an outdoor theater that puts on production shows featuring swimmers, divers, and acrobats. Is the theater making a new home aboard Icon of the Seas?

One other thing to note is that a different scene later in the video seems to show the area half covered with an incomplete deck, leading to even more questions about just exactly what this space will be. Might it also have a moveable deck that opens and closes?

Solarium Roof?


About a minute into the video, there’s a shot of a large dome-like structure that is partially filled in with triangular panels. While it’s never officially said, this definitely looks like the roof of the Solarium that you see on Oasis-class ships. It’s our best guess as of now.

In the Solarium, the glass panels allow the sun to enter while still keeping the space comfortable no matter the weather. 

Open Deck Design Makes an Appearance

One other feature of Oasis-class ships that seems like it will make an appearance on Icon of the Seas? The famous split deck on those ships that provides Central Park and The Boardwalk with sunlight. 

This frame shows what appears to be the pool deck, with a large split that opens up to the decks below.

More Air for Cabins?

One unique thing we noticed is during a segment that features executives in a mock-up of a cabin, the video shows a window that opens and closes. As of now, we know of no other cruise ship that features windows that open for air (with the exception of opening a balcony door). That may not be a game changer, but definitely caught our eye.

‘The Sphere’ Is Featured Prominently

For months now, Royal Caribbean has heavily teased a large feature of the ship that’s essentially a huge sphere. It makes multiple appearances here as well, complete with one scene that shows dozens of small panels moving individually on a wall. A later scene shows what appear to be steps or seats within the structure, along with possible holes for connecting those small movable panels inside of it. Might it be some sort of theater that you sit inside of to experience?

A previous video told us that the ball is 50 feet across, and features 9 miles of electrical cable for power and lighting and more than 1,300 feet of air conditioning ducts.

Lighted Water Sculpture

One feature that also makes several appearances in the video is a cascading waterfall, which at one point appears to be 40-50 feet above the ground. The video show lights changing color and the waterfall starting and stopping.

If you’ve ever been to the Hard Rock Casino in Fort Lauderdale, then this reminds us of the massive water feature in the lobby of that building. But it’s not clear if this is an artistic feature on the ship, part of a theater show, or something else.

A New Version of Central Park?

During one segment where the video discusses the use of 3-D mock-ups to plan the design of the ship, it shows what appears to be a place similar to Oasis-class ships’ Central Park. It’s a winding path through foliage, along with an opening up to the sky to let in light.

On those ships, this area is a focal point lined with restaurants and bars to enjoy the greenery at sea. Personally, we hope it makes another appearance here.

It’s obvious that at this point the new video provides more questions than answers. The good news? The teaser says that the next video will reveal the actual ship. Anyone who is a fan of Royal Caribbean will be waiting.

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