Celebrity’s All Included Offer: How It Works & What to Know

While cruising can be among the most relaxing vacations, there are some aspects that can also be annoying.

Particularly, it can sometimes feel like even though you’d paid for a cruise, you’re always spending more once you’re on the ship.

In fact, onboard spending is big business. In Cruzely’s analysis of onboard spending reported by cruise lines, the amount spent once on the ship for an average cruise was around 35-40% of the cruise fare.

Celebrity cruise ship in San Diego
If sailing Celebrity, then you’ll have the option of booking the All Included offer. But it is worth it?

Celebrity Cruises — the luxury brand that’s part of Royal Caribbean — offers a new way of doing things that should make those people happy who normally get annoyed by the extra costs.

The cruise line offers a program All Included. This program is a more “all inclusive” way of sailing where wi-fi and alcoholic drinks are all included already in the cruise fare.

That can potentially save you from having to spend hundreds of dollars extra once on the ship. As with most things cruising, however, there are often questions about how new policies like this one work. We’ve laid out everything you need to know about Celebrity’s Always Included program below.

What Is Celebrity’s All Included?

This program is a different way of doing things from Celebrity Cruises. Under the offer, passengers have a choice of paying extra and receiving the Classic Beverage Package, and basic wi-fi service included automatically with their cruise fare.

If a passenger prefers, there are options for a “cruise only” fare at a lower rate. Or they can book the All Included fare and not worry about having extra charges for things like drinks once on their cruise. 

Note: In October 2023, Celebrity adjusted the package to offer only drinks and wi-fi. Previously, it also included shipboard gratuities.

How Much is Always Included Worth?

With this offer, you get a drink package, and wi-fi included in your fare instead of being an out-of-pocket expense on the ship. So what’s that actually worth?

Most recently, the Classic Drink Package was $89 per person, per day with the additional 20% gratuity included, for a total of $106.80. The basic wi-fi package costs $20 per person, per day. (Note that Celebrity has since removed prices from its website, instead showing prices only when booked. Therefore, prices may be slightly different.)

That comes out to a total of $126.80 per person, per day. 

So for a couple sailing on a week cruise, this comes out about $1,800 over the course of the entire trip that they won’t be spending once on the ship.

How Much More Does the All Included Offer Cost?

There’s no such thing as “free” in cruising and that includes the All Included deal. With this offer, you have your choice of either the basic “cruise only” fare or the higher-priced All Included price.

We searched a number of cruises to compare the prices for the same cabin with the offer and without. What we found is that the price difference was consistently $70 more per day, per person for All Included.

For example, we found one 7-day Alaskan cruise sailing in a balcony cabin at a base price of $2,088, or $2,578 per person with All Included. That’s an extra $490, or $70 per day.

You’ll want to check the prices for your specific cruise. But if you planned on buying the drink package and wi-fi, then anything priced below $126 per day makes it worth the price increase. At an extra $70 per day, you’re saving about $55 per person, per day.

Is This a Limited-Time Sale?

Every so often, you’ll see cruise lines offer something similar to this program as a special deal to get passengers to book. That’s what makes the Always Included program different.

This is not a sale or special deal — it’s a long-term change for the cruise line. If you sail Celebrity, you should be able to take advantage of this offer on your cruise.

Which Drink Package Is Included?

With the All Included offer, the “Classic” drink package is provided. You can upgrade to the “Premium” offer for an extra charge.

Celebrity offers two drink packages. There’s the Classic Beverage Package and the Premium Package. With this program, the Classic package is included with your fare.

This package covers drinks up to a menu price of $10. At last check, the package costs $89 per day, plus 20% gratuity, for a total of $106.80 per person, per day. This package covers many typical liquors and cocktails, about 15 types of beer, and also soda, premium coffee, bottled water and more.

If you want more drink choices, you can upgrade to the Premium Beverage Package, which covers drinks up to $17 per serving, for an additional $20 per person, per day.

Which Internet Package Is Included?

Celebrity offers two different Internet packages: Basic and Premium. The “Basic” package allows web browsing for things like checking email and social media. The “Premium” package offers streaming capability, as well as things like FaceTime, social media posting and more.

With the Always Included program, you get access to the “Basic” package for each person.

What About Upgrading the Offer?

Under the All Included program, the drink package offered is the “Classic” package and the wi-fi offered is the “Basic” level of service. What if you want to upgrade to a higher-end drink package or better wi-fi?

In that case, you have the option. 

To upgrade to the Premium beverage package, Celebrity says you may do so via the cruise line’s online cruise planner, up to two day before the cruise departs. There’s an upcharge of $20 per person per day, which includes the gratuity.

If you want to upgrade to the faster Premium wi-fi service, then the process is the same. In this case, there is an upgrade charge of $10 per person, per day.

Does Everyone Have to Buy the All Included Offer if One Person Does? What About Kids?

Yes, when booking there is no option to select the offer only for some guests. All passengers under a reservation will either be under the All Included offer if selected, or the cruise-only fare.

Keep this in mind when budgeting. If paying extra for the offer to get the drink package, and someone doesn’t drink, it might not be worth it.

So what if you have kids or someone else that doesn’t drink? In this case, Celebrity points to the non-alcoholic drinks available in the package and suggests that kids will still be charged for the upgraded package, although obviously won’t be served alcohol. 

Is All Included Worth it?

So is the All Included offer worth the extra money? We suggest looking at a few factors to decide if it’s worth it for you.

As mentioned All Included comes with a higher price tag. In our searches, we found the price bump to be $70 per person, per day. Given that the value received is roughly $127 per person, per day, it is a deal in that aspect.

But would you buy the packages otherwise? If not, then All Included might not be worth it. 

If you’re not a big drinker, then it could be that you’d be better off without the program. However, you can still benefit from not having to worry about your drink bill (even for non-alcoholic beverages) at the end of the trip.

Same goes for the wi-fi access. Many people like to use cruises as a way to escape and prefer not to have access. Even so, with All Included, you’ll end up paying for it in your cruise fare.

For those that normally keep their onboard spending to a minimum, then it’s possible you’ll end up paying more for your cruise than you normally would. However, if you’re someone that enjoys having drinks and Internet access, then you likely come out ahead.

Either way, it is a nice feature to have these amenities included, giving you fewer onboard expenses to worry about while enjoying yourself on the ship.

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  1. When I look at the Celebrity site, it says, “Tips charged separately” for the All Inclusive offering. It looks like they’ve removed the free gratuities aspect. As such, I just think it’s an incredibly expensive add-on, and just puts me off going on a cruise to be honest.

    • Yes, it looks like the cruise line changed the package to no longer included tips in the package. We will dive in and update this article soon.

  2. I have already booked and paid for my 7 days mediterranean cruise from Barcelona to Rome this Sept. 23rd. Is it too late to add on all inclusive package?


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