Princess Increasing Daily Gratuity Charges By Up to 10%

Since cruises have returned, it’s been a steady announcement of price increases onboard by many lines — including hikes in the automatic daily gratuities charged to passengers.

Now Princess is bumping up the daily charge for its passengers by a hefty 10% in some cases.

The cruise line recently updated their website with an increase in the “crew appreciation” across all staterooms. The cost is jumping to as high as $18 per person, per day for suites, though most people on the ship will pay less.

You can see the change below:

Princess’ website shows the new charge amounts put in place in February for daily gratuities.

As the chart says, beginning on February 20, 2023 the cost on Princess is moving up by $1.50 per person, per day across all cabin types. We’ve broken down the price increases below:

  • Balcony Cabins and Below: $14.50 (old) to $16.00 (new) | 10.3% increase
  • Mini-Suite and Club Class: $15.50 (old) to $17.00 (new) | 9.7% increase
  • Suites: $16.50 (old) to $18.00 (new) | 9.1% increase

So how much will this actually mean in dollar terms on your cruise?

Say a couple takes a 7-day trip aboard Princess in a balcony cabin. Currently, they would each pay $14.50 per day, for a total of $203 in automatic gratuities. With the price increase, that amount would rise to $224 — or $21 higher.

Charges On Par With Other Cruise Lines

It’s unlikely that the extra cost will make or break a cruise for guests. In fact, the new prices are in line with other cruise lines and well below what’s charged by some. For instance, Norwegian Cruise Line just announced a price increase to $20 per person, per day for most cabins and $25 per day for its highest-end suites.

Princess also offers another alternative to paying the extra charge. With its Princess Plus and Princess Premier offers, you can have things like wi-fi, drink package, and the crew appreciation charges all included in your cruise fare.

While these offers do cost more than the baseline cruise fare, it can be ideal for those who want a more all-inclusive experience during their trip instead of having to pay for extras.

And what if you have bad service? “In the unlikely event you remain dissatisfied for any reason, the Crew Appreciation is subject to adjustment, at your discretion, at any time during the cruise up to the time you settle your onboard account prior to disembarkation,” the cruise line’s website says.

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