Intrigue of the Seas: Will Royal Caribbean’s Next Ship Name Come From This List?

Call it an “Intrigue of the Seas,” but are cruise passengers getting a hint at the possible names of Royal Caribbean’s upcoming ships?

About three weeks ago the cruise line registered dozens of names with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). While the registration doesn’t specify them distinctly as vessel names, they all carry Royal Caribbean’s signature naming convention for its ships:

Trademarks for Royal Caribbean
A list of trademarks for Royal Caribbean contains a number of possible ship names.

Names include Intrigue of the Seas, Unity of the Seas, Bliss of the Seas, Eternity of the Seas and more.

All were registered on December 16, 2021 under a “1B” filing basis with the patent office. This status indicates that a filer has “a bona fide intention to use your mark in commerce with your goods and/or services in the near future,” according to the USPTO.

To be sure, it doesn’t mean that the names have to be used, but going through the process of trademarking means they are more serious than just brainstormed ideas.

So what are the new names? Here they are in order as listed on the patent office’s website:

  • Unity of the Seas
  • Sanctuary of the Seas
  • Paradise of the Seas
  • Melody of the Seas
  • Magnificence of the Seas
  • Intrigue of the Seas
  • Illumination of the Seas
  • Haven of the Seas
  • Grace of the Seas
  • Fantasia of the Seas
  • Aria of the Seas
  • Joy of the Seas
  • Bliss of the Seas
  • Splendor of the Seas
  • Eternity of the Seas
  • Divine of the Seas
  • Marvel of the Seas
  • Illumination of the Seas
  • Awe of the Seas
  • Vibrance of the Seas
  • Euphoria of the Seas
  • Nirvana of the Seas
  • Utopia of the Seas
  • Eden of the Seas
  • Aura of the Seas

To be sure you can see some theme patterns in the trademarks. For instance, Joy, Bliss, Awe, & Splendor all feel as if they could belong to the same class of ships. Melody of the Seas certainly feels like a sister ship to current Oasis-class ships Symphony of the Seas and Harmony of the Seas. And Nirvana, Utopia, and Paradise all seem to belong to the same group.

The cruise line generally has ship names that tie into a central theme surrounding a class. For instance, its Freedom-class ship names include Freedom of the Seas, Liberty of the Seas, and Independence of the Seas. Having multiple names in the trademark list that revolve around a theme is not surprising.

Will These Names All Be Used?

Royal Caribbean International sign

So will all these names ever see use?

The sheer number of trademarks means that even if they do use them all, it will be a long time before all these names start sailing. Even at a rate of one new ship per year, it would take more than two decades to go through the entire list.

As of now, the cruise line has four ships on order through 2026. This includes an unnamed Oasis-class ship that is planned for 2024. It also includes three ships in the cruise line’s new Icon class. The first ship in that class is dubbed Icon of the Seas and is scheduled for 2023. Two more ships in the class have yet to be named.

One other hint? A user on a CruiseCritic message board posted images of a survey asking which name they preferred for the upcoming unnamed Oasis-class ship. On the list were most of the trademarked names, including Melody of the Seas, Utopia of the Seas, and Unity of the Seas.

From the looks of it, Royal Caribbean has plenty of ideas on what to call its upcoming ships.

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