Full Lineup of TV Channels on Norwegian Cruise Line

Tell someone that you want to watch TV on a cruise, and they will likely look at you funny. After all, you can watch television at home. Why spend your vacation flipping channels?

If you like to watch a little tube on your cruise, just know you aren’t alone. It’s nice to have a little downtime after a long day at the beach or by the pool. Coming into the cabin, cooling off, and vegging out with a show is relaxing.

If you want the truth about television on a cruise, however, it leaves a lot to be desired. Most cruise lines — Norwegian included — have only a handful of channels available. From there, many of the channels are cruise line specific, with information about ports, shopping, a bridge cam, and more. That leaves only a few “real” channels.

In fact, if you have a favorite channel or show, you should just assume you’re going to miss it on your trip. For instance, Norwegian TV doesn’t have any major networks like ABC or CBS. They also don’t have major cable networks like Discovery or HGTV.

So what can you expect? Check out the list of current channels below…

Norwegian Cruise TV Lineup

Television channel listing on a Norwegian cruise ship

Channel 21: Daily Info
Channel 22: Navigation Map
Channel 23: Safety Info
Channel 24: Bow Camera & Announcements
Channel 25: Ship Activities
Channel 26: Shore Excursions & CruiseNext
Channel 27: Onboard Offers
Channel 28: Port Shopping
Channel 29: MSNBC
Channel 30: CNBC
Channel 31: BBC World
Channel 32: Fox News
Channel 33: Prime Journey
Channel 34: New Movies
Channel 35: Featured Movies
Channel 36: TV Shows
Channel 37: Sports 24
Channel 38: Special Events

As you can see, most channels are content for the cruise line and the ship. Meanwhile, MSNBC, Fox News, and CNBC are the only widely-known U.S. cable channels in the lineup.

The movie channels do show recent release movies 24 hours per day. Sports 24 features international sporting events from nightly NBA games to cricket matches in Australia.

Given the lack of channels, we suggest bringing your own device to allow you to watch any movies or TV. There is streaming available if you get the premium Internet package. As well, Netflix allows you to download shows beforehand to watch without a connection.

You can see the TV listings for Carnival and Royal Caribbean here.

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