Exclusive: Pictures of Norwegian Cruise Lines New Miami Cruise Terminal

Since our last update about nine months ago, there’s been major progress on Norwegian Cruise Line’s new Terminal B at the Port of Miami.

We recently took a trip from the port and got a first-hand look at how the new terminal is coming along. As you can see in the photos below, the building is taking shape and it doesn’t have that much longer until completion.

The structure looks to now be enclosed, along with the glass window facade that looks out into the channel:

View of new terminal from Norwegian Cruise Lines from Port of MiamiClose-up of Terminal B in Miami

When we last visited in February, the main terminal building was just a portion of a skeleton. Now it’s a complete structure, along with a parking garage. There’s still plenty of work to be done, but we were told is should be complete in early 2020.

View of construction of NCL Terminal B in Miami

The new Terminal B sits right next door to Royal Caribbean’s new Terminal A. Along with those new terminals, there are several more cruise terminals in the works for the Port of Miami.

As the world’s busiest cruise port, it’s exciting to see all the changes underway at the port to make it an even better place to cruise. This new terminal from Norwegian looks to be the feather in the cruise line’s cap — and another gem at the port.

Here’s a rendering of how it will look once completed:

Renderings courtesy of NCL.com
Renderings courtesy of NCL.

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