Exclusive: Photos of Norwegian’s New Miami Terminal Under Construction

For several years there’s been a battle between cruise lines to capture the cruising public’s imagination with bigger and better ships. The result has been massive new ships that have features and designs you never would have expected just a few years ago.

Now that battle is extending to cruise terminals. Already Royal Caribbean set the bar with its new terminal in Miami, serving as a crown of the company in the world’s busiest cruise port.

Not to be outdone, in 2018 Norwegian Cruise Line announced plans for its own breathtaking terminal, next door to Royal Caribbean at the Port of Miami.

The design, featuring large sweeping arches and tons of windows to let in light is original and unlike any cruise terminal we’ve seen. It’s expected to come in at nearly 170,000 square feet and be able to accommodate ships with up to 5,000 passengers. In addition, there will be an attached parking garage and other support areas.

Here’s a rendering from Norwegian of what the terminal should look like when completed in fall of 2019.

Renderings courtesy of NCL.com

Of course, the company is currently working to meet that deadline. We recently had a chance to get a sneak peek on the work and have some photos of the progress:

Photo of Norwegian Cruise Terminal under construction

As you can see, the work is well underway, but there certainly seems to be a lot to be done before the fall 2019 deadline. Once completed the terminal will be home to the Norwegian Encore.

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