Carnival to Screen Travel Documents Through Interpol Database

Carnival — the world’s largest cruise line — announced that it will begin screening all passengers through the Interpol “Stolen and Lost Travel Documents” database. While the cruise company had been doing a test run in a limited capacity for the past few months, they plan to roll the Interpol check out to every one of its 10 cruise lines (including Carnival, Costa, Princess, and Holland America) and more than 100 ships.

The check will be done automatically as you check-in for your trip. Passengers shouldn’t notice any real difference in the check-in procedures.

The check will compare your travel documents against a known database of stolen or lost passports. It’s designed to help catch people using counterfeit or stolen passport information. Already Carnival has been testing the system, doing a real-world test with more than 30,000 documents.

The hope is that the new system will help to improve safety on cruise ships by ensuring that passengers are who they say they are and that they aren’t traveling with stolen passports.

Carnival is the first cruise line to enact this Interpol screening.

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