Carnival Cruise Full Beer Menu (With Prices)

Thirsty for some suds while you sail? You’re not alone. Having a beer may as well be considered the national pastime of taking a cruise. It just feel unnatural to hang out by the pool without a beer in hand.

Meanwhile, as beer tastes have evolved and craft brews have become more popular, the list of what’s available continues to expand. No longer do you have to choose between Bud and Miller. Today you will find dozens of the most popular options, along with some unique smaller crafts to please any taste.

So what beers are available on Carnival? We’ve posted the menu list below, including prices. One important thing to note is that many Carnival ships also offer craft beers that are local to the area you embarked. If you have a special local brew you’re wanting, ask to see if it’s in stock.

Carnival Beer Menu

Carnival Cruise beer menu with prices


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