Carnival Bringing New Dining Room Options Fleetwide

A few weeks ago, we told you that Carnival was testing roughly 60 new “entrée presentations” in its main dining room. The restaurant, which is the most visited spot in the evenings for dinner, looked to get an update on what was served.

Carnival tested dozens of new dishes in its dining room during the last month, including this banana cream pie. Now, it’s rolling out new items across the fleet.

The initial test of the options was held aboard Carnival Dream. The new menu items included everything from new dishes to larger portions for some options, more vegetarian options, and even entrée salads.

Now, the cruise line says following the test, it’s now rolling out new options across the fleet. The changes will come in stages, so it will be months before all ships see the new options.

“Working with our skilled team of Carnival chefs, we recently tested and selected more than 60 new dishes to mix into the dining room rotation,” said Emeril Lagasse, Chief Culinary Officer for Carnival and celebrity chef. “I’m pleased that these dishes were very well received by our guests on Carnival Dream, so we are very excited to roll them out to the Carnival fleet.”

The rollout begins with Carnival Conquest, which will see the new options now. Up next will be Carnival Horizon, and next month Sunrise, Vista, Radiance, and Mardi Gras will see the new choices. Carnival says all ships in the fleet will offer the new menu by early 2024.

So what new choices can you expect? First, Carnival has made clear that many favorites — such as braised short ribs and chocolate melting cake — aren’t going anywhere. But new offerings include Hawaiian shrimp poke, roasted duck rolls, the “Ultimate Cobb Salad,” and even a new chocolate cake offering plus banana cream pie.

Then there are “Emeril Selects” like BBQ salmon, coffee-glazed roast duck, and crab and shrimp cake, which add even more choice.

And that’s just a sample of what’s coming to the dining room. For loyal Carnival passengers, the new options should be a welcome change that refreshes one of the biggest pastimes on a cruise — eating.

For those that haven’t yet sailed the cruise line, know that the new menus look to offer up new choices that will likely enhance the dining room experience on your trip.

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