Carnival Rolling Out New Dining Room Options (Nearly 60 New Choices?!)

Anyone that’s cruised before knows that food is one of the major features on the ship. From the buffet to dining room to specialty restaurants, food is everywhere.

Cruise lines spend countless hours and research designing everything from new dishes to completely new dining concepts to keep passengers happy and provide a variety of options. Now, Carnival has announced a major update to its dining room offerings, the most visited dinner dining spot on its ships.

In a video from Carnival President Christine Duffy, the cruise line announced plans to start testing out nearly 60 new “entrée presentations” in its main dining room. The test begins this weekend aboard Carnival Dream, with the plan to roll out the changes fleetwide later this fall.

You can watch the full announcement here:


Carnival hasn’t announced exactly what new dishes or options will be available among the dozens it says that it will provide. But there are some hints provided by Duffy and a press release about the changes.

For one, bigger portion sizes will come to some dishes. The cruise lines also says there will be more vegetarian options, and even “entrée salads” with a larger salad and protein.

But what might be most exciting is that passengers will also get to experience some options from other restaurants onboard where there is normally a fee to eat.

“The menu is going to included offerings from our specialty dining restaurants across the fleet, so that more of our guests can experience a wide variety of the great food we offer, no matter which ship you’re sailing on,” Duffy said.

These changes are being done in consultation with celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse, who serves as the “Chief Culinary Officer” for the cruise line.

Of course, whenever something popular makes a change, there is always fear that something you like might go away. Duffy said that the cruise line will “always preserve” favorites like the chocolate melting cake.

More details on the new changes and dishes should be released soon as the test aboard Carnival Dream gets underway, giving more insight into what new options Carnival passengers can expect later this year.

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