Allure of the Seas Headed to Galveston in November 2022

Over the years, Galveston has grown from a sleepy port with seasonal service into a major player in the United States cruise industry. Today, it is among the busiest ports outside of Florida. And now it is on track to be even busier.

Allure of the Seas Nassau flagging

Royal Caribbean has announced that Allure of the Seas — one of the cruise line’s largest ships — will homeport in Galveston, Texas starting in November 2022.

This move had been planned in 2021, but was put on hold due to the health crisis. Now it is back on schedule, with Galveston building a new terminal to accommodate the massive ship. That terminal is said to start construction in April and be completed in time for the Allure’s arrival in fall 2022.

Rendering of new Royal Caribbean terminal in Galveston, where Allure of the Seas will sail from. Courtesy of Royal Caribbean.

While Royal Caribbean has sailed from Galveston for years, it has yet to bring its largest Oasis-class ships to the Texas cruise market. Measuring nearly 1,200 feet and having the ability to carry nearly 7,000 passengers, Allure of the Seas should set a new record as the largest cruise ship to homeport in Galveston.

Once in Galveston, Allure of the Seas will offer predominately 7-night cruises, headed to Honduras, Costa Maya, and Cozumel. There are also a few shorter 4- and 5-night cruises to Mexico available.

Notably, Royal Caribbean announced the Galveston deployment of Allure under a heading of “Seasonal Stunners” and mentioned only the winter season in its press release.

A search of the cruise line’s website shows trips only through April 2023 currently available for booking aboard any ship. During that time, the Allure of the Seas shows as sailing from Galveston. Beyond that, however, it’s not clear if the ship will stay longer or rotate with another vessel after the winter season.

Given that Galveston is building an entirely new terminal to cater to Royal Caribbean ships, we’d be surprised if an Oasis-class vessel isn’t homeported in Texas year-round.

If you want to sail on the largest cruise ship ever to make Texas home, Allure is currently available for booking on Royal Caribbean’s website. The least expensive 4-night cruise starts at $329 per person before taxes/fees. You can sail for a week starting at $519 per person.

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