9 Tasty Places to Eat on Paradise Island in Nassau

Does your cruise make a call to the port of Nassau? If so, you’ll be docked in between two islands. On one side is New Providence Island, where the capital city of Nassau sits. On the other is Paradise Island, a relatively small spot of land dominated by the Atlantis Resort.

Paradise Island and Atlantis is a major draw for cruise passengers, with hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. From beautiful beaches to casino gambling to golf to waterpark rides, the resort and surrounding area have something for everyone. That includes food and restaurants.

And while Atlantis has a number of restaurants to cater to guests and tourists, the popularity of the resort has led to more restaurants on Paradise Island, further increasing the available options.

If you’re planning to take a trip to Paradise Island, we’ve rounded up several options for you to grab a bite to eat.

Atlantis with stormy skies
Atlantis houses many of the island’s restaurants.


Open for breakfast and dinner, Mosaic is a buffet-style restaurant within the Atlantis complex. The restaurant lives up to the image of the beautiful Atlantis decor, as well as the high price tag (expect to pay $30+ per person). Mosaic is a great choice if you have kids or picky eaters. The buffet means there will be something for everyone.

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77 Degrees West

Fine dining, Bahamas style. A classy, stylish restaurant, 77 Degrees West offers up everything from Filet Mignon to ceviche to lobster to pork chops. It’s a great dinner spot, but also open for lunch if you are a cruise passenger. Entrees are pricey — expect to spend upwards of $40 per person for a meal. That said, it’s definitely a meal and location that you won’t soon forget.

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Undoubtedly the most famous restaurant on Paradise Island, Nobu is located in the heart of the Atlantis resort, just off the casino floor. For those who aren’t familiar, Nobu serves a modern take on Japanese food. Sushi rolls, lobster ceviche, sashimi, and much more are available. Expect to spend a lot of dough if you eat here for dinner (it’s only open after 5:30 in the evening), but you’ll get one of the finest dining experiences on the planet.

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No matter when you visit the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island, Olives will be open to serve you. The restaurant is the brainchild of celebrity chef Todd English, and serves everything from early morning breakfast to late-night snacks. While the menu is expansive, it mostly revolves around Mediterranean flavors and pastas. It’s a great option for those looking for a tasty meal that is casual and comfortable instead of worrying about dressing up for dinner.

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Blue Lagoon Seafood

It’s true that the majority of restaurants on Paradise Island are part of the massive Atlantis complex, but certainly not all of them. Blue Lagoon is located at the Club Land’or Resort, which sits at the foot of the larger Atlantis. Here you’ll find classic Bahamian seafood fare, including stuffed grouper, roasted lamb, and stone crab claws. Blue Lagoon is open only for dinner (starting at 5 p.m.) and is closed on Sunday.

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What makes this Bahamian version of the New York Italian restaurant so highly rated? Well for one, it offers up something unique you wouldn’t expect to find in the Bahamas — great Italian food. It’s a family style place, meaning entrees are large and meant for sharing. Keep that in mind as well when you see the prices, which are upwards of $30-50 per item. Carmine’s is only open for dinner, so most cruise passengers won’t get a chance to enjoy.

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Cafe Martinique

Want an elegant place to dine on Paradise Island? This is it. While jacket and ties aren’t required, it would be a good idea to wear one. The official dress code is “Resort Elegant”. Only open for dinner, Cafe Martinique serves up a small menu of dishes done well. Fresh snapper, lobster and salmon are the main choices, but you can get any choice from steak to pork chops to duck and lamb served. No kids under 6 years old are allowed and only dinner is served.

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What would a tropical destination be if it didn’t have a Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville location? This very popular spot with tourists is usually full on cruise days, serving up boat drinks, bar food, and much more. This location even has a swimming pool with a swim-up bar. Maybe that’s why it’s rated the #2 restaurant on Paradise Island? Bring an appetite and come ready to party.

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Beachfront dining with simple and tasty dishes, Dune is considered one of the best restaurants on the island, both due to the food and the atmosphere. It’s also located away from Atlantis, so if you don’t like the hustle and bustle of the mega-resort, it’s a great place to get away. Expect a menu filled with seafood items, but also lamb chops, filets, duck, and even pizza. Dune is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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