11 Sexy Swimsuits for a Cruise Vacation

If you got it, flaunt it. That’s the motto of these sizzling swimsuits featured below.

If you’re headed out on a cruise, then you’re no doubt thinking of a new swimsuit for the pool or the beach. And if you’re feeling frisky, why cover up with some full coverage “boring” outfit. You’re on vacation, so why not live it up a little.

That’s what we had in mind when we rounded up all of the following suits. They might not be for everyone, but they are sizzling sexy and perfect for either a cruise or a port of call.

If you want a style that’s a little more modest, then be sure to check out our 11 Flattering Swimsuits for Cruising here.

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At first blush it may not look that sexy, but this one-piece suit features high cut hips that instantly make your legs appear longer. Match that with a plunging back and a “cheeky” fit in the back and you’ve got a suit that is great for those who want to show something off without being too crazy. $25 and comes in several colors

If you’re looking for a bold bikini, then this is it. It features a high cut that shows off legs and a little booty while still having full coverage. The top fits high and tight like a sports bra. Great for anyone who worries about a normal bikini slipping off while in the water or playing on the sand. $23 and comes in three colors

This scorching swimsuit will remind you of Baywatch. The hip cuts ride high while the arm cuts sit low, showing off a little of everything while still keeping things covered. It also comes in several colors, but we like the bold yellow. $25 and comes in six colors

Want to look like a pinup model? This one-piece looks like something a celebrity would wear. Showing plenty of cleavage in the middle, the cutouts on the hips make your legs look extremely long. And a little cheeky cut on the backside is sure to turn heads. $21 and comes in several variations of cut

This suit is perfect for those on a cruise that want to show some skin without being too revealing. The back features strings showing lots of skin but the butt offers full coverage. It also covers the tummy area if you are a little self-conscious. $20 and comes in two colors

Complete with a halter top-style, this one-piece actually looks like a bikini from the back. The cuts and the fabric connecting top and bottom, however, offer up a stylish swimsuit that will definitely stand out from the crowd. Long ties hanging at the hips also call attention to your curves. $18 and comes in two colors

Let’s face it, it’s hard to improve on the sizzling string bikini. A cut that shows off without being too revealing matched with a bold color choice is a look that will never go out of style. This particular model has a cheeky cut on the bottom for a more modern look. $21 and comes in 23 colors

While all these swimsuits featured here are sexy, this one is the most fun. It’s handmade crochet with a festive tropical print. The bottoms are small on the backside, so if you don’t want to show some booty, this this bikini isn’t for you. $22 and comes in several prints

Watch out! The sexiness of this one-piece sneaks up on you. With high hip cuts and a cheeky backside, it covers all the right areas while still showing off the goods. The deep V cut in the front means it will show maximum cleavage. Check out the Amazon reviews for photos of the fit. It will definitely have people doing a double take. $24 and comes in six colors

If you like bright colors, and showing some skin while also covering up some areas, then this swimsuit is perfect for you. Featuring high-waisted bottoms that cover some of your midsection, it’s great if you are modest about this part of your body. Meanwhile, the cleavage-bearing top adds some sizzle to the suit. $17 and several different styles available

Ok, it’s not a swimsuit, but this cover up is definitely hot. The pattern still shows off your figure while also adding a little modesty for when you need to cover up. $18 and comes in nine colors

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