11 Must-Have Travel Items to Keep Your Stuff Safe

When you are on a cruise, crime is usually the furthest thing from your mind. Unfortunately, that attitude can make for easy pickings by criminals both on the ship and in ports of call.

To be absolutely clear, the chances of you being a victim of theft — or any crime — while on a cruise ship is relatively low. It’s fair to say you run about the same risk as you would walking around back home. However, things to happen.

In particular, petty crime in cruise ports is fairly common. From pickpocketing to snagging an unattended purse or camera bag, stories about of tourists becoming victims. The truth is, when there are thousands of cruise ship passengers in a sunny port, some people let their guard down. And when you make it easy for a criminal to make a score, it increases your chances of having something stolen.

The good news is that an ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure. By making it just a little more difficult to steal something you own, your odds of being a victim plummet.

With that in mind, we rounded up a list of items that can help prevent theft on your next cruise.

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RFID Blocking Travel Belt

Are you familiar with RFID? It stand for radio frequency identification. In layman’s terms, it’s a small chip embedded in many credit cards and even passports that allow stored information about the card or document to be shared without scanning. While it speeds things up at checkout, it’s also vulnerable to theft without you even realizing it. Someone with a scanner only has to stand near you to grab things like your credit card number.

To be sure, the risks of RFID low, still many items offer RFID blocking. We’d rather have that peace of mind than not.

This travel belt fits flat against your body and hides neatly under your clothes, giving you a place to store credit cards, cash, passports and more. And yes, it offers RFID blocking protection. $14 on Amazon

Pacsafe Anti-Theft Bag

Pacsafe is a top name in secure travel products, and this cool bag is no exception. While it might look like a normal bag, it actually has stainless steel mesh woven into the material to help prevent a thief slashing the bag and running off with the contents. Meanwhile, the zippers are made to clasp together, making it nearly impossible for a thief to open without making a scene. It also comes with RFID protection so you don’t have to worry about your cards or passport being skimmed. Best of all? It comes in four fun colors that fit in perfectly on a tropical cruise. $68 on Amazon

Designer Passport Holder with RFID Blocking

Sure a regular black passport holder will do, but we like how this one shows a little personality (also comes in several other designs). It comes with plenty of zippers and pouches to keep all your items secure in one place, as well as RFID blocking. This model also goes around your neck, so all your valuables are easily visible for your to check right in front of you. $20 on Amazon

Simple Passport Holder

Simple passport holder

If you’re looking for something cheap and simple to hold your passport, cash, and whatever else you need, then this is it. It is made to be worn around your neck, but slim and sleek enough to go under your clothes. Includes zippered pockets to keep unwanted hands out, and of course it also has RFID blocking capability. We also like that it’s made of nylon, so it’s no big deal if it gets wet. $7 on Amazon

Water-Resistant Flexible Safe

Want somewhere to store your valuables while you enjoy the beach or the pool? This flexible safe (as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank) is water-resistant and can attach to the arm of your beach chair. Then you close the top and lock it with a three-digit combination. Great for those worried about leaving valuables on the beach unprotected. $45 on Amazon

Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag

If you need a little space for what you bring to port, then this bag is just the thing. It may look like a normal shoulder bag, but it has several features built in for security. It’s body and straps are slash resistant so that a perp can’t just cut the bag and run away with it. It also features RFID-blocking pockets to stop identity theft and locking zippers that can’t be easily opened by a potential pickpocket. Comes in more than a dozen colors. $31 on Amazon

Pacsafe Wheeled Carry-On Bag


While this carry-on rolling bag already looks tough, it’s actually tougher than you think. Inside the bag is woven stainless steel mesh that keeps thieves from simply slashing open your luggage and taking whatever they want. The zippers are also designed to be puncture proof, so you don’t have to worry about them popping the zipper open either. What we like is that all these features are built into a carry-on,which is more than enough space to pack for a 4-5 day cruise. $240 on Amazon

Classic Leather Passport Holder

If you don’t want to wear your passport around your neck, then you’ll appreciate this stately leather option. It’s smaller and sleeker than most other carriers, and can fit easily into a pocket. Inside you can hold your passport, credit cards, cash and more. It comes with RFID blocking. Perfect if you’re looking for something classy for a gentleman to take on his cruise. $20 on Amazon

Super-Slim Anti-Theft Travel Belt

The best way to avoid being a victim? Don’t let a potential thief know you are carrying anything of value. This belt is so slim that people can’t even tell you’re wearing it. But it’s secret compartment is expandable to carry a passport or a phone. Great for carrying an emergency $100 to have on you in case you need it. And while it’s not waterproof, it’s the perfect size to wear around your waist to the beach and avoid leaving your valuables unattended. $20 on Amazon

TSA-Compliant Luggage Locks

No, luggage locks won’t keep your things safe if a thief really wants into your bag. But they do make it tougher to get in, taking away crimes of opportunity. For just a few bucks you can keep your bag locked closed with these locks and keep any fast hands from getting your valuables. $18 on Amazon

Secret Pocket Tank Top

Want to be secure but don’t want to carry a bag or bulky passport holder? This tank top has two zippered pockets to keep your cash and credit cards while also letting the warm Caribbean sun on your shoulders. Let’s just say that if a pickpocket can somehow access these pockets, the we would be impressed. $35 on Amazon

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