What You Missed on The Real Love Boat Episode #4 (Spoilers Inside)

Update: Wondering where the next episode of The Real Love Boat is? After four episodes, the series has now moved from CBS to the Paramount+ streaming service. It will no longer air on CBS. 

On this week’s episode, the couples on The Real Love Boat visit one of the most famous cities in the world — Rome. Some bonds seem to be getting stronger by the day, as in last week’s episode all the couples decided to stick with who they were with previously, opting to spend more time together instead of making a change.

But this week’s episode saw the introduction of two new ladies to the lineup, so the big question is will the couples aboard the ship continue down the current path to love, or will we see a change up as the ship hits Italy?

Here’s what happened in Episode #4 of The Real Love Boat…

The Regal Princess Visits Rome and Contestants Get Up Close and Personal

As mentioned, this week’s episode sees the Regal Princess continuing the tour of the Mediterranean, docking on a beautiful day in Rome, Italy. As a reminder, the past two episodes have seen some solid bonds start to build, with our five couples staying the same from the previous Sail Away Ceremony:

  • Marty & Emily
  • Daniel & Shea-Lynn
  • Nathan & Alisa
  • Jordan & Kendra
  • Dean & Nicole

This week’s episodes started with some talks between the guys and the girls discussing their current status of the relationships, as well as some couples explaining their feelings for each other.

From this we know that Marty and Emily, as well as Daniel and Shea-Lynn seem to have the strongest feelings for each other. Just days into the journey, they already seem like genuine couples in real relationships. The three other couples may not be as strong, as they seem to have some reservations on each other based on the comments.

And those bonds between couples are getting put to the test. The competition starts early with the guys and girls split into groups poolside. Both sides are then asked to put on blindfolds.

Then, one by one, the girls are led to each guy where they must feel over them and take in their smell to determine who they feel like they have the best “chemistry” with based feel and smell alone. They then whisper their answer on which “numbered” guy they like best.

But there is a twist.

After the blindfolds are on but before the competition starts, two new ladies are introduced. Mila, the exotic 30-year-old Yacht Brokerage Owner from Miami, and Sarah, a bubbly 27-year-old travel agent, join in the game on the ship, meaning there are now seven girls and five guys.

One by one they each take their turn, with some people loving the idea of feeling each person (or being felt) and some others (such as Marty, who is strongly committed to Emily) not being as excited about the challenge.

So who comes out on top? Ironically enough, it’s Marty that the most women said they had the best chemistry with the blindfolds on, meaning that he and Emily win dinner at The Captain’s Table and he gets first pick at the Sail Away Ceremony at the end of the show.

From there, it’s into the pool where the new ladies get to meet all the guys — in swimsuits of course. It becomes clear quickly that there is some interest between Dean and Sarah. As well, Mila and Jordan start to hit it off, and Nathan also has eyes for her as well.

This obviously makes girls like Nicole, Kendra, and Alisa — who are already coupled up with these guys — get a bit more possessive… and dare we say, jealous?

The New Ladies and Some Guys Hit it Off (But Some Get Jealous)

With the day in Rome, some of the guys and the new ladies are set up on dates. We see Dean and Sarah head ashore for a magic show and a romantic lunch. As well, Jordan and Mila go on a painting date where they get to know each other more one on one.

Both of the dates seem to go very well. In fact, Dean and Sarah — in between laughing a ton with each other as their personalities are similar — even kiss. Meanwhile, Mila teaches Jordan some Italian (“You are beautiful.”) as they also flirt heavily.

Marty and Emily have their romantic dinner at The Captain’s Table, and while they continue to hit it off, Emily does have one piece of information to share.

She revealed in the first episode that she is still a virgin, but despite her and Marty being heavily invested in each other, she hasn’t told him yet. At dinner, she decides the time is right and shares this with Marty. As you might expect given his personality and fondness for Emily, it’s a complete non-issue for him. Marty who even says he will wait until marriage if he has to do so to meet Emily on her terms.

Back on the ship, the guys and girls are each hanging out together prior to the night’s Sail Away Ceremony when as Daniel put it, the “messiness begins.”

Kendra tells the other girls that she has Jordan on a leash, which Mila — who spent a romantic date with him in Rome — does not like. She tells Kendra that she should let Jordan be free and shares with viewers in an interview scene that this is a form of insecurity by Kendra.

Meanwhile, Dean tells the guys that he kissed Sarah on his date and they all seems excited for him. However, when Sarah shares the same news to the girls, Nicole obviously feels awkward about it given that her and Dean were coupled up on the ship and feels like she has been played by Dean.

This Week’s Sail Away Ceremony Choices

So what were the final choices at the Sail Away Ceremony?

This week the guys are in charge and with seven girls and only five guys, it means two ladies will be heading home. Meanwhile, there is obvious chemistry between the new girls (Mila and Sarah) and at least a couple of men.

Marty, as winner of the day’s challenge, goes first and obviously selects Emily, whom he has been coupled with since day one.

Dean chooses second. Last episode he and Nicole were paired up, but this week he has hit it off with Sarah. In fact, instead of staying with Nicole he instead picks Sarah who earlier he shared a kiss and whose personalities seem to match.

Daniel continues to be head-over-heels for Shea-Lynn and after a dancing date earlier in the day, select her to stay.

Jordan is the fourth person to choose in the ceremony. He and Kendra have formed a connection, but he also had a great date with Mila. In this case, he chooses to stay with Kendra instead of playing the field.

Finally, Nathan is the last to pick, with the choice of Nicole (Dean’s former pick), Alisa (who he has been with but there is still some rockiness) and the new Mila. While the choice is obviously difficult for him. In this case he picks Alisa again, keeping their relationship together for at least another episode.

That means Nicole and Mila are left unselected, and it’s time to say goodbye.

In next week’s episode, the Regal Princess heads to Naples, Italy.

If you missed any part of the first four episodes of The Real Love Boat, you can catch up by watching for free on CBS.com.

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