We Used AI to Create a Carnival Cruise Ship in 2050. Here’s What it Looks Like…

It’s no secret that cruise ships have gotten bigger, with more to do, more to see, and more passengers. Perhaps nowhere is that more evident than with Carnival Cruise Line.

In the 1990s, Carnival’s newest ships were a (then) massive 70,000 gross tons. How quickly things have changed…

Today, Carnival’s newest ships like Mardi Gras, Celebration, and Jubilee measure more than 180,000 gross tons — about two-and-a-half-times larger.

Carnival Celebration in port
Carnival Cruise Line’s ships have come a long way in the past few decades. What could they look like in 2050? We asked AI to imagine it and the results were staggering.

But it’s not just the size of the ship that’s different. There are more things to do onboard, including adults-only areas, ropes courses, roller coasters, more restaurants, bars, and pools. In fact, a modern ship is barely recognizable compared to an older one.

Given the difference between a Carnival ship 25-30 years ago and one today, it had us wondering what one of the new ships in the fleet would look like come 2050. Thankfully, new technology can give us a fun way to imagine…

Using AI to Imagine Carnival Ships

Of course, there’s no way to know exactly what a new Carnival ship will look like in 2050, but we can use a relatively new tool.

Over the past year or so, artificial intelligence (AI) has been one of the biggest stories on the planet. And with it there have been all sorts of new and impressive uses coming out. From tools that can create new works from musicians long since passed to even passing CPA exams, the bounds of AI seem to be limitless (though certainly not perfect).

One such tool is Bing Image Creator, which allows you to create an image of anything based on a simple text prompt. That includes things they may not even exist.

So what would this tool predict for a Carnival ship in a few decades? We tested it out and were shocked by some of the results.

Four Creations for the Largest Carnival Ship in 2050

First things first, we asked the AI image creator to give us a vision of what a 2050 cruise ship from Carnival would look like. Here’s what the technology thought:

Rendition 1:

AI generated Carnival cruise ship
The blue hull Carnival has moved toward is gone. Now we see a sleek ship with “waves” that move along the side of the ship.

First is this massive ship parked just off the shore. And while the blue hull that Carnival has switched its ships over to in recent years is gone, the iconic funnel is still in place. There’s also a massive (and crowded!) pool deck and lots of shape to the sides of the ship, which moves in and out like waves.

Rendition 2:

A cruise ship… in space? We don’t know what AI was thinking here, but we do like the lights under the waterline that add a neat effect.

Second is another view of a ship that looks like the first rendering, but this time set in… outer space? It doesn’t seem to make too much sense, but the lights in the water definitely caught our eye. This would be a neat design feature to think about for future ships.

Rendition 3:

Perhaps the most realistic rendition, this looks just like Carnival ships of today, only larger.

This is a more sleek version of a next-generation Carnival ship that seems to go on forever. Again the iconic funnel is still there, but it seems that in the AI-driven future at least, Carnival has reverted back to its classic white hull.

Rendition 4:

This behemoth of a ship makes us say “no thank you” when we notice all the people covering the entire pool deck and open areas.

Finally, we have perhaps the largest, but also the scariest looking ship in 2050. The ship itself looks like another version of a large classic-looking vessel. What’s scary is the massive amounts of people AI puts on this ship. Every open deck is covered with people, making it look more like a zombie attack than a cruise ship. Thankfully, we don’t think this will be the case in the coming decades!

Pool Decks That Amaze

Of course, the most popular place on any ship is the pool deck. So what does AI see for that space on the biggest Carnival ship in 2050?

AI seemed to nail the pool deck here as far as realism, just on a much larger scale than what’s currently sailing.

The first idea looks a lot like a current pool deck, just much, much larger. A full-sized pool is there, lined with rows of classic blue loungers that seem to go on forever. The good news? There are definitely loungers available next to this pool.

This pool looks like a fantasy with three decks overlooking the water and a strange sphere in the middle.

This rendition just makes us say ‘wow.’ A multi-level pool deck that’s cozy and wrapped around a large pool with an ornate glass sphere in the middle. And at first you may not notice the waterfalls behind it, a feature we’ve never seen on a cruise.

Finally, a cruise ship pool that stretches the length of the deck with plenty of water for everyone. This definitely looks like a fun place to be on a sea day.

Assuming that the ship could hold the weight of the water, this version is the one that we liked the most. Here, there’s a large pool that stretches the length of the deck, providing lots of space to swim. It’s also open and airy, with plenty of loungers for the people onboard.

Was AI playing a joke when it created this pool that looks strangely like a part of the male anatomy?

Finally, AI created this version, which we think might be playing a joke on us. The pool deck looks nice and given that it’s morning in this picture, there isn’t anyone out. It looks nice until we notice that the pool looks suspiciously like a certain part of the male anatomy.

What Carnival’s Cruise Cabins Could Look Like, According to AI

What could the cruise cabin of the future look like on Carnival? That’s one area where you might be very happy with what AI creates. We asked the Bing tool to generate “the balcony cabin on the biggest cruise ship in the Carnival Cruise Line fleet in the year 2050.” The results were eye opening.

We asked to envision a balcony cabin, but this looks more like a penthouse suite with a great view of the ship. Not sure how to block out the light to sleep, however.

This first version we would guess is a penthouse suite. It’s two stories, with the bed sitting in the middle of a massive window looking out on the ship. There is enough space to fit two couches, seating areas, and generally nice décor. We’d have no problem enjoying this space in real life, although we’re not sure how to close the window to block light while we sleep.

We’d love to wake up in this room as it’s stylish with a great view. But what happens when it rains?

Another amazing rendition, this gorgeous space is second to none. Plenty of space, great colors, a skylight, and sweeping views. The only issue is that the balcony and the bedroom seem as one. Not sure what you do if it rains!

This is more of a walkway than a balcony, but it does provide some amazing views of the water and down the side of the ship.

The third rendition doesn’t show much of the actual room, but places us on the balcony. The area sweeps around the ship, giving some great views of the water and down the line of the vessel. Sitting here, taking in a view with a drink in hand wouldn’t be the worst way to spend a cruise.

We think AI must have confused a balcony cabin with a dining room for this creation. Notice the line of dining tables in the background.

Finally, AI pictures another massive suite instead of a modest balcony cabin. In fact, we don’t see any balcony in this room. That said, it does have tons of glass-lined windows with great views. What’s weird, however, is that it seems like a cross between a cabin and a dining room. Notice the tables all lined next to each other in the background.

A New Style of Casino?

Finally, if it’s late night on a cruise ship then the hottest place to be is the casino. What could it look like on Carnival in 2050? In some cases, massive.

Now this is a casino! Multiple stories, all surrounding a center bar and a massive mural of the ship overlooking everything.

Our favorite was this three-deck casino when a center plaza and machines wrapped around it. In fact, it looks more like a sports betting parlor than a typical casino. It’s definitely a different flavor than what’s onboard today.

This AI-created casino on a Carnival ship looks fun, with a beautiful chandelier that makes the space look especially elegant.

In fact, that round feature seems to be popular in all the renderings. For instance, this one features the same sort of circular area , including what looks like a round stage in the background.

One thing we really like is the ornate center chandelier what we think stands out in this image.

Hard to Imagine These Creative Ideas in Reality

We’ll be honest, while these AI renderings of the future of Carnival are fun to look at, don’t get too excited (or distraught, depending on your opinion). There are some creative ideas, but honestly not many that we’d consider realistic.

Still, to imagine what the future of cruising might be — and what it could be — is worth it. Let’s just hope the ships are completely covered with people over every inch the way that AI wants to create.

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