Revealed: The Most Expensive Carnival Cruise You Can Buy (And Cheapest, Too!)

Carnival is among the largest and most popular cruise lines in the world. It’s also known for offering some of the best values in the industry.

Funnel on Carnival Celebration.
The famous funnel is synonymous with Carnival Cruise Line, and Carnival is synonymous with affordable fares. That got us wondering, what exactly is the priciest Carnival cruise? What we found surprised us…

It’s not unusual to find trips costing a few hundred dollars for an entire vacation — sometimes taking you to the Caribbean with room, food, and entertainment for less than a plane ticket would cost.

But Carnival is much more than just simple, cheap getaway to the Caribbean. The cruise line has expanded its offerings to include extended cruises that last for weeks, offers departure ports in Australia and Europe, and has added a number of new ships to its lineup since cruises returned. This includes the largest ships ever in the Carnival fleet such as Carnival Jubilee (with more on the way).

That got us curious. With dozens of ships and trips seemingly everywhere, what exactly is the most expensive Carnival cruise you can buy?

What we found was something special, but be prepared to open your wallet…

Comparing the Cheapest Fares With the Most Expensive

Carnival Conquest in Miami
The cheapest U.S. cruise is aboard Carnival Conquest from Miami and costs just under $200 per person for cruise fare.

To give you an idea of just how different the most expensive cruise on Carnival actually is, it helps to have an idea of the cruise line’s least expensive trips.

Searching cruises through 2026, the cheapest trip we could find was not even in the United States. Instead, it was aboard Carnival Luminosa, on a short, two-day cruise from Australia.

Leaving October 29, 2025, this cruise takes passenger from Sydney, has a single day at sea, and then docks in Brisbane. That’s it.

The cheapest headline fare for an interior cabin was just $153 per person. When combined with double occupancy and port fees, the total price jumped to $471.

That’s not exactly cheap for two people for two days, but less than $500 for a mini vacation isn’t going to break the bank either.

Can’t make it to Australia? The cheapest cruise from the United States is actually a significantly better value, though more expensive overall.

The least expensive U.S. departure is a 4-day cruise aboard Carnival Conquest from Miami, leaving September 16, 2024. It’s priced at $184 per person for an interior cabin. Add in a second passenger and port fees, and the total comes out to $699.

Less than $700 for a four-day vacation for two isn’t bad at all. That’s more expensive than the two-day Australian cruise, but it’s also a much longer trip at four days with stops in the Princess Cays and Nassau.

But on the other end of the price spectrum is a trip of a lifetime. It just so happens to cost a little more…

The Most Expensive Carnival Cruise (40 Times the Cost of the Cheapest?!)

Sure, you can sail Carnival for $200, but what about nearly $20,000?! With that difference in price comes a completely different cruise.

Now that you have an idea of how inexpensive a Carnival cruise can be, how pricey can they get? How about nearly 40 times as much?

We searched the Carnival schedules from now through mid-2026 (the latest bookings currently available). Searching through the priciest trips, they are dominated by something called Carnival Journeys. These are longer cruises that run anywhere from 2-4 weeks and have epic routes that include Alaska, Hawaii, Europe, Australia, and more.

Put simply, these are “bucket list” cruises that most of us will never get the chance to take. Those with the means, however — both financially and a schedule that allows it — will never forget the experience.

Honestly, many of these Carnival Journeys have reasonable price tags given the cruise. They can start at around $1,500 per person for an interior cabin. That’s not bad for a trip of at least 14 days that travels to some of the most exotic ports on the planet.

But they can also carry hefty price tags, including the most expensive Carnival cruise you can buy at more than $17,000!

For the priciest trip, we found it is a 29-day transpacific sailing from Brisbane, Australia to Seattle, Washington aboard Carnival Luminosa.

Departing April 3, 2025, the cruise first heads to Japan. There, you’ll have stops in Okinawa, Hiroshima, Tokyo and more. The cruise then heads across the Pacific for several days, crossing the International Date Line before reaching Alaska. Here, you’ll take an Alaskan cruise from Seward to Juneau, Ketchikan, and ending up in Seattle.

Most expensive Carnival cruise

If you wanted the absolute cheapest “get aboard” price, then you’re looking at an interior cabin that starts at $2,859 per person. With two people plus port fees, that comes out to a price tag of $6,407 all in.

But the cruise can get much more expensive. To see the biggest price tag possible, we looked at the same cruise sailing in the highest suite available — an ‘Extended Balcony Grand Suite’ — that sits in the middle of the ship.

This room ups the price considerably, to $8,613 per person. With all the taxes, fees, and double occupancy, it leads to a price tag of $17,915. That comes out to an eye-watering $617 per day.

Would a $17,000+ Month-Long Cruise Be Worth It?

While it’s certainly not the most expensive cruise we’ve ever seen, that’s still a hefty price tag — especially for a cruise line that’s known for value.

In return, however, you get the nicest room on the ship and a month-long cruise that’s essentially a Japan and Alaskan cruise rolled into one.

While it might be a little rich for us, it’s definitely a cruise that would offer a lifetime of memories.

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