Virgin Voyages April Fool’s Joke: Jet Transfers to the Ship

Ready to take a jet to land on your next cruise? Wait, what? A jet landing on a cruise ship?

If you didn’t realize it was April Fool’s you might have been caught by the gag.

Virgin Voyages air transfer

Virgin Voyages is making headlines with a completely different take on cruising. From the design of its first ship to being adults-only to offering extended stays in port to even getting rid of the buffet, there are countless ways that the cruise line is changing things up. Did we mention having a tattoo parlor on the ship?

So to play a little joke for April Fool’s Day, the cruise line announced another big change — passengers staying in its RockStar Suites “will now arrive and depart via private jet transfer.”

The gag even came with an official quote from the CEO of Virgin Voyages, Tom McAlpin:

“From the sky to the sea, our RockStar Suite Sailors will truly live the glamorous life of a rockstar icon from the moment they begin their holiday. Why walk aboard the ship when you can fly?”

And of course, there are rendering of a private jet en route to the ship and even perched atop the cruise liner. According to the press release, the new air transfer service is set to start on Virgin’s second ship.

If you’re wondering just how exactly a jet is going to land on a cruise ship, then it’s safe to say that you have fallen for the joke.

Virgin cruise ship with plane

Among the things that passengers in RockStar Suites do get (no joking) are private transfers, an exclusive private lounge, in-room bar, and even a bathing suit drying service. The jet transfers to the ship will have to wait… for now.

To read more about Virgin Voyages, check out what makes the cruise line different here.

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