Three Carnival Ships Fail Health Inspection (Including Its Newest Ship)

If you’re sailing on one of three Carnival ships that recently failed health inspections, there is good news and bad news.

The bad news if that the ships were failed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) during recent inspections. The CDC runs regular health inspections of cruise ships that sail from U.S. ports. All told, the Carnival Vista, Breeze, and Triumph failed inspections in the past couple of months. Ships must earn a grade of 86 or more (out of 100) to pass.

The good news? The cruise line has an opportunity to make things right for a follow-up inspection. It’s likely that Carnival will be taking special care to ensure everything is in top shape given the bad press that comes along with failing inspections. That means if you are sailing on one of these ships in the future, it will likely be cleaner than ever.

Here are the details…

Carnival Triumph Fails Inspection

The first inspection failure came aboard the Carnival Triumph when it was inspected on November 11, 2017. All told the ship scored a 78.

Among the issues found:

“The center hand wash station took a few minutes of constant running to reach 95°F. It did not reach the proper range of 100°F-120°F through the mixing valve.”

“The backflow prevention device on the ice machine was excessively corroded. Crew immediately contacted the technical staff to replace the backflow preventer with a new, sanitized backflow preventer.”

“Two stacks of previously cleaned plates were stored inverted on a soiled plate trolley. The trolley was soiled with food debris and a dark liquid, including where the plates were stacked. The plates and trolley were sent to be cleaned.”

“The food-contact surface of the dual beer tap was excessively soiled with a thick dark brown debris. One tap was in service and one was not. The area was open for service and passengers were at the bar.”

“At least eight flies were found in the following food and beverage areas”

All told, the Triumph has more than 40 different items listed — ranging from extremely minor to larger issues like food at unsafe temperatures that cause some worry.

The staff was able to correct the issues found upon inspection and the CDC released its “Corrective Action” report here. According to the Miami Herald, the ship earned a 98 on its reinspection.

Carnival Breeze Fails Inspection

In addition to the Carnival Triumph, the Carnival Breeze failed inspection, scoring a 77 when checked on December 10, 2017.

Among the issues seen on the ship:

“On November 20, a food worker had an onset of AGE (Acute Gastroenteritis) symptoms at 06:00, clocked into work at 07:13, clocked out of work at 08:41, ate at the crew mess at 10:00, and reported to medical at 10:48. For both of these crewmembers, there was no record of retraining, counseling, or other action to address the late reporting.”

“A wooden pallet was stacked on top of another pallet of boxed cooking oil in plastic jugs. When the top pallet was removed, small pieces of wood were left behind on top of the boxes of oil.”

“Approximately 25 red garbage bins full and overflowing with food waste were stored in the provision corridor on top of wooden pallets and directly outside a lift labeled for food. Some food waste had spilled onto the deck and pallets and liquid from the food waste bins was on the deck.”

“Two trolleys stored in this room were soiled with dried residue on the platforms and soil/debris in the gaps where the platform met the frames.”

“Many pieces of food equipment, decorations, and food service items were stored in this room in various states of disrepair and cleanliness.”

In total, the health inspection found more than 80 different items to write in its report. The ship hasn’t yet submitted a corrective report, but a spokesperson did say that the line took “immediate action” after the report.

Carnival Vista Fails Inspection

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the recent inspections is that the Carnival Vista received a failing grade. The ship is Carnival’s newest ship and having a failure this early in its tenure is troubling. The ship earned a 79 in the December 2, 2017 inspection, below the passing grade of 86.

Here is a sample of some issues from the ship’s report:

“Containers of raw lamb cutlet and raw minced beef were stored in direct contact with produce. A container of raw salmon was also in direct contact with produce.”

“An organized effort was made to physically move several containers and trolleys of food equipment, utensils, spices, potentially hazardous food items, raw produce, and decorations to a crew cabin hallway and a crew cabin in order to avoid inspection by VSP staff.”

“One fruit fly was observed in the parmesan cheese container on the preparation counter.”
“Black debris was found on the lip contact surface of a green plastic cup. No one was working in the area at the time.”

“During the intake of provisions, the inspector noticed the soiled feet of two metal deck stands were resting on pallets of water and soda. The pallets were immediately removed and stored appropriately.”

“Staff stated that on 26 November, an infestation of fruit fly like insects were noted on the ship. The event was documented, pictures were taken, and a strategy was explained. However, the incident and procedure was not recorded on the active log.”

The Vista’s corrective report is not yet posted on the CDC website. And in our opinion, some of the items listed as violations seem relatively minor. What’s more troubling is the comment that the crew tried to move items to avoid inspection.

You can find inspection reports for all cruise ships here.

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