The World’s Largest Cruise Ship Compared to Famous Places

We all know that cruise ships these days are big. Really big.

The largest class of ships in the world comes from Royal Caribbean. Their three Oasis class ships all measure more than 1,180 feet and are capable of carrying 5,000-6,000 passengers.

If you’ve ever sailed on one of these ships — or even seen them in port — then you know how imposing they can be. They seemingly take up the entire landscape.

To give people a better idea of just how large the world’s largest cruise ships are, we took them out of the water. Not literally, but figuratively. We’ve taken an overhead view of one of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis ships and scaled it next to some famous landmarks, including the White House and DisneyWorld.

If you’ve never had the experience to see one of these ships in person, it will give you a better idea of their massive size. Satellite images courtesy of Google Maps.

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JFK Airport (New York)

Oasis of the Seas laid over JFK airport

This gives you a good idea of the size of a cruise ship compared to the largest airplanes. At the bottom center of this picture, you can see an A380 — the largest commercial plane in the world. The Oasis-class ship dwarfs the airplane.

The White House

Oasis of the Seas overlaid on the White Hosue

The White House is big, but if you placed this cruise ship next to it, it would dwarf the Presidential Mansion.

Fenway Park

Oasis of the Seas overlaid on Fenway Park

Home of the Red Sox, Fenway is a classic ballpark. Even this classic park is tiny compared to a present-day cruise ship.

Brooklyn Bridge

Oasis overlaid on Brooklyn Bridge

Finally, something that can compete with the size of a new cruise ship — the Brooklyn Bridge. Still, the ship is clearly seen and is the largest single object in the picture.


Oasis of the Seas overlaid on Disney World

If you were to lay this ship at the entrance gates of the Magic Kingdom, it would reach all the way past Cinderella’s Castle. That’s big.

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