The World’s Largest Cruise Ship Compared to Famous Places

We all know that cruise ships these days are big. Really big.

It’s not unusual for a ship to carry 4,000 passengers at a time, with the largest ships carrying 6,000 passengers or more.

World's largest cruise ship: Symphony of the Seas

On top of that, there are all the amenities and things to do for those people onboard. That includes restaurants, theaters, pools, casinos, and some ships even have things like go-kart tracks, waterslides, and roller coasters.

It’s easy for a modern cruise ship to have 20 decks and thousands of cabins. If you’ve ever sailed on one of these ships — or even seen them in port — then you know how imposing they can be. They seemingly take up the entire landscape.

As a passenger, it can take days until you get your bearings about getting around the ship and you might not even see the entire thing during your cruise.

The Largest Cruise Ships in the World

The largest cruise ships on the planet? That title goes to Royal Caribbean. That cruise line boasts the Oasis-class vessels that all measure more than 1,180 feet and are capable of carrying nearly 7,000 passengers (plus more than 2,000 crew members) at full capacity.

This ship class was first introduced when the Oasis of the Seas began sailing more than a decade ago in 2009. Since then, several more ships in the class have been introduced, and more are on the way.

Wonder of the Seas is planned for 2022, and a sixth — yet unnamed — Oasis-class vessel is scheduled for 2023.

Oasis-Class Ships


  • Oasis of the Seas
  • Allure of the Seas
  • Harmony of the Seas
  • Symphony of the Seas
  • Wonder of the Seas
  • Future Oasis-Class Ship

Oasis-class ships aren’t just big. They are simply massive. Each comes in at roughly 225,000 gross tons. Ships in the class like Symphony of the Seas have a staggering 18 decks.

With all that space comes lots of things to do. This includes waterparks, laser tag, and multiple pools. There is even an outdoor water theater, along with almost 20 different places to eat and more than a dozen bars.

Allure of the Seas in Cozumel

Put simply, anyone that’s been on a cruise ship knows how much can be packed onto a ship. But the Oasis vessels take it to a whole other level. There is simply nothing else that quite compares.

Comparing the Largest Ships in the World to Landmarks

When it comes to the size of cruise ships, however, it’s extremely hard to visualize. Unless you are standing next to the ship, you can’t appreciate just how large they really are.

To give people a better idea of just how big the world’s largest cruise ships are, we took them out of the water. Not literally, but figuratively. We’ve taken an overhead view of one of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-class ships and scaled it next to some famous landmarks, including places like the White House and Disney World.

If you’ve never had the experience to see one of these ships in person, it will give you a better idea of their massive size. 

JFK Airport (New York)

Oasis of the Seas laid over JFK airport
Map data: Google

This gives you a good idea of the size of a cruise ship compared to the largest airplanes. At the bottom center of this picture, you can see an A380 — the largest commercial plane in the world. This plane carries around 500 passengers on each flight.

The Oasis-class ship — with room for more than 12 times as many passengers — dwarfs the airplane. And it’s no wonder. At about 1,180 feet long, the ship is nearly a quarter-mile in length.

The White House

Oasis of the Seas overlaid on the White Hosue
Map data: Google

The White House is big, but if you placed this cruise ship next to it, it would dwarf the iconic landmark. In this case it could stretch all the way from the front door of the White House to the middle of The Ellipse at the south end of the complex.

If you wanted to go all the way to the Washington Monument, it would take about three ships laid bow to stern.

Fenway Park

Oasis of the Seas overlaid on Fenway Park
Map data: Google

Home of the Red Sox, Fenway is a classic ballpark. Even this classic park is tiny compared to a present-day cruise ship. Fenway’s length from home plate to the right-field wall is 380 feet long. That’s only about 1/3 of the length of the Oasis-class vessels.

In fact, the ship would extend past not just the outfield wall, but all the bleachers with lots of room to spare. Even if a ball player hit a mammoth 500-foot homerun, it would take two of them end-to-end before they even came close to the length of this ship.

Brooklyn Bridge

Oasis overlaid on Brooklyn Bridge
Map data: Google

Finally, something that can compete with the size of a new cruise ship — the Brooklyn Bridge. The bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn — two areas that are separated by about 1,900 feet of the East River. The bridge is massive, but the Oasis-class ship is hardly dwarfed by the landmark. Turned sideways, the ship would take up most of the bridge.

Even so, the Brooklyn Bridge carries way more people than the ship. While the largest cruise ships can carry about 9,000 passengers and crew at full capacity, more than 100,000 people cross the Brooklyn Bridge on a daily basis.

Disney World

Oasis of the Seas overlaid on Disney World
Map data: Google

Anyone who has been to Disney World has no doubt come away with a new appreciation of its size after a full day of walking in the Florida heat and humidity.

Well, the Oasis-class ships can hold its own versus Disney World. In fact, if you were to lay one of these ships at the entrance gates of the Magic Kingdom, it would reach all the way past Cinderella’s Castle. That’s big.

Rose Bowl Stadium

Oasis of the Seas compared to Rose Bowl
Map data: Google

If you’re a college football fan, then you know the Rose Bowl is arguably the most famous stadium in the country. It’s hosted famous concerts, Super Bowls, and the annual Rose Bowl Game. And while most people are in awe of its size, the stadium is no match for the Oasis-class vessels.

A regulation football field with endzones measures 120 yards, or 360 feet. That’s only about a third of the length of this ship.

Central Park

Oasis of the Seas compared to Central Park
Map data: Google

Central Park is the most visited city park in the United States and one of the largest. The park covers 843 acres in the middle of Manhattan. The Onassis Reservoir in the center of the park covers more than 100 of those acres. The body of water would be large enough to fit the cruise ship easily, but there wouldn’t be much room to maneuver (or many ports to visit!).

Bellagio Fountains (Las Vegas)

Oasis of the Seas at Bellagio
Map data: Google

Most people that have visited Las Vegas have stopped and watched the nightly shows at the Bellagio fountains. And while the fountains seem to go on forever when you’re walking past, the largest cruise ships in the world goes on for even longer.

In fact, it would span the entire length of the lake in front of the casino, with room to spare. For anyone that’s walked in Las Vegas from casino to casino, you know how surprisingly long the distances can be. That gives you a better idea of the surprising size of this class of ship.

Golden Gate Bridge

Oasis of the Seas at Golden Gate
Map data: Google

Above we compared the largest cruise ship in the world to the Brooklyn Bridge, but there is no bridge more famous than California’s Golden Gate Bridge.

The Golden Gate bridge is nearly 9,000 feet long, spanning from San Francisco to the Marin Headlands. That size makes it one of the few man-made structures that can make the biggest cruise ships look small. In fact, this ship looks only like a speck compared to the length of the iconic bridge.

The Taj Mahal

Oasis of the Seas at Taj Mahal
Map data: Google

It’s one of the most famous sites in the world and shows just how massive the Oasis-class ships really are. While the Taj Mahal complex is definitely larger, the ship can still hold its own.

One place where the Taj Mahal wins? Nearly 8 million visitors visit the spot each year. By comparison, only about 300,000 passengers sail aboard an Oasis-class vessel annually.

The Pyramids 

Oasis of the Seas at pyramids
Map data: Google

The pyramids make up one of the Seven Wonders of the World. No one is quite certain how the massive structures were built thousands of years ago, but people are still awed by their size. Today, another wonder would fit neatly between two of the largest pyramids.

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