Royal Caribbean Asked Twitter to Name Their Next Ship… Here’s the Winner

Royal Caribbean’s newest ship — Icon of the Seas — isn’t even set to debut for almost a year. However, the cruise line is already generating a buzz about the second ship in that class — a yet-unnamed vessel that’s set to debut mid-2025. (And just for good measure, another Oasis-class ship — Utopia of the Seas — is set to launch in mid-2024.)

But that second Icon-class vessel might not be nameless that much longer…

Royal Caribbean’s newest ship will be named Icon of the Seas. The company held a Twitter poll to ask the name of the second ship in that class.

While it’s likely that Royal Caribbean already has a name chosen internally, nothing official has been announced. A few days ago, however, the cruise line let the public weigh in on what it thinks the name should be.

On the cruise line’s Twitter account, it posted a message saying “We want to hear from you!” asking for the public’s favorite name among four options: Star of the Seas, Idol of the Seas, Love of the Seas, and Queen of the Seas. Below that was a Twitter poll that allowed people to vote on their choice.

The results? Of the four options — and after roughly 3,600 votes — there was a clear winner. With 44% of the Twitter vote, Star of the Seas was the clear favorite among the choices. That was followed by Idol of the Seas (28.5%) and Queen of the Seas (22.6%). Love of the Seas didn’t feel the love from the public, with only 5% of the vote.

So does that mean the name of the next ship is Star of the Seas? Not necessarily. In fact, many people in the comments chimed in with more opinions ranging from different name suggestions to simply saying they didn’t like any of the options.

In addition, we also know from trademarks filed by the company there are lots of options for Royal Caribbean to choose from.

First, Star of the Seas, Idol of the Seas, and Love of the Seas are all trademarked by Royal Caribbean. Interestingly, we couldn’t Queen of the Seas as being owned by the cruise line. But a search of the cruise line’s trademarks bring up lots of listings that could be potential ship names.

We found all the following potential ship names currently filed by Royal Caribbean:

  • Love of the Seas
  • Idol of the Seas
  • Happy of the Seas
  • Fun of the Seas
  • Unity of the Seas
  • Star of the Seas
  • Sanctuary of the Seas
  • Paradise of the Seas
  • Melody of the Seas
  • Magnificence of the Seas
  • Intrigue of the Seas
  • Haven of the Seas
  • Grace of the Seas
  • Fantasia of the Seas
  • Joy of the Seas
  • Bliss of the Seas
  • Aria of the Seas
  • Eternity of the Seas
  • Divine of the Seas
  • Awe of the Seas
  • Vibrance of the Seas
  • Euphoria of the Seas
  • Nirvana of the Seas
  • Eden of the Seas
  • Aura of the Seas

So could the next ship in the Icon-class be one of the four options shared on Twitter? Absolutely. That said, there are literally dozens of other names that could also be in the running. We’ll just have to wait until there’s an official word from the cruise line.

You can read more about the entirely new Icon class, set to be the largest cruise ships in the world when they debut, here.

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