Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades) Cruise Parking (Where to Park): Prices, Profiles, & Map

Want to save some serious cash on your cruise? Then it starts with knowing where to park.

Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale has plenty of parking options, all located convenient to the port itself. But that doesn’t mean you’ll pay the same price everywhere. In fact, you could save $100 or more just by picking the right cruise parking. (Planning to stay the night in Fort Lauderdale fore your cruise? You can save money by booking one of these hotels with cruise parking.)

We’ve rounded up your best options — including information about each — below. And for your convenience we’ve also created this easy table to help you compare all of your options:

Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking Options

List of parking options for a Fort Lauderdale cruise

Port Everglades Official Parking
The official parking provided by the port is by far the most convenient. There are two main garages. The Northport parking garage has 2,500 spaces and serves cruise terminals 1 and 2. The Midport garage serves terminals 19, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27 and 29 with 2,000 spots. In addition there are surface lots available at the port with another 1,000 parking spots for other terminals and overflow parking.

What these official parking lots provide in convenience, they make up for with price. Parking fares are $15 per day for a regular car; $19 for oversized vehicles. Keep in mind those rates are likely to give you garage parking, which makes the higher cost a little easier to swallow. As well, you can’t beat the location right next to the cruise terminals.

One note — if you have a Florida toll exemption permit, a specially modified vehicle (ramps or special controls) for the disables, or a Florida disabled veteran license plate, then you can have your parking fees waved.

Cost: $15 per day
Distance: At terminal

Park ‘N Go
Park ‘N Go offers parking just a few blocks from the port, but for much cheaper than you’ll pay at official port parking. If booked online, Park ‘N Go offers a discounted rate. The rate varies from $9-11 per day plus fees and taxes when booked online. That would be a good deal anywhere, but with a parking lot so close to the Port Everglades entrance, that deal is exceptional.

If you decide to use this service, we highly recommend booking online before hand. While the Internet rate is $9-11 plus tax, the drive-up rate is $13 per day. Park ‘N Go also offers a free shuttle ride to the port.

Cost: $9-11 per day (plus taxes) when booked online ($13 drive up)
Distance: 0.75 miles (free shuttle provided)

Park ‘N Fly
Don’t let the name fool you. Park ‘N Fly offers cruise parking in addition to airport parking. Located across the street from Park ‘N Go, this lot also offers a very convenient location right next to Port Everglades, but you will pay a bit more.

The lot has two tiers of rates. If you stay less than six days, then the daily rate is $14 plus taxes. But if you book parking for six days or more, then the rate is cut almost in half to $8 per day. That actually leads to some weird pricing where paying for more days can be cheaper than a shorter stay.

While the $14 rate is a little steep (it’s only $1 more per day to park at the port), the $8 rate for longer cruises is a good deal.

Cost: $14 per day if parking under 6 days; $8 per day for 6 days or more (plus taxes)
Distance: 0.75 miles (free shuttle provided)

Fort Lauderdale Airport Parking
The name is confusing. Fort Lauderdale Airport Parking isn’t official airport parking — it’s an independent lot that also provides cruise parking. Don’t think you’re parking right at the airport.

In fact, the lot is pretty small and cars are packed tight. The daily rate for cruise passengers is $10 per day (if you’re a first-time parker, website specials have a rate as low as $3 per day, however, this appears to be only for airport parkers, not cruisers). If you have an oversized vehicle, we’d recommend trying another lot because of space concerns.

Cost: $10 per day (plus taxes)
Distance: 2 miles (free shuttle provided)

FLL Park Safe: Located on the south side of the Fort Lauderdale airport, this parking lot is a bit farther than the rest of the lots we’ve covered. However, it is one of the most well-reviewed cruise parking lots and still plenty close.

Your lowest cruise parking rates ($9 per day) are available if you prepay and book online ahead of time. There is also covered parking available for $11 per day. Otherwise you will pay a $2 per day higher rate at the lot. A free shuttle to the port is included with your rate.

Cost: $9 per day (plus taxes)
Distance: 3 miles (free shuttle provided)

Park by the Ports
The cheapest option for parking in Fort Lauderdale for a cruise, this lot is located south of the airport and cruise port. While it is a little farther from the port than other lots, it is also among the cheapest at just $6 per day plus taxes/fees. Drive-up rates may be slightly more as the company says that rates are subject to change. The free shuttle (for the first four passengers in a car) to the port takes only about 10 minutes. There is no RV parking available at this location.

Cost: $6 per day (plus taxes)
Distance: 4 miles (free shuttle provided)

Discount Parking FLL
The newest choice in cruise parking is located right next to the port but offers considerably cheaper rates. Discount Parking FLL has 400 spots for both airport and cruise parking. Rates start at $6.95 per day for valet parking and a shuttle to the cruise port.  That rate applies if you book online ahead of time. The drive-up rate is a considerably higher $10.95 per day. There is also a loyalty program that can earn you discounted parking if you are a frequent cruiser.

Cost: $7 per day (plus $1 fee)
Distance: 0.75 miles (free shuttle provided)

Individual Hotels
If you are staying in the Fort Lauderdale area, contact your hotel to see if they will allow you to park your car for the length of your cruise. Many hotels cater to cruisers and have special daily parking rates and free shuttles. Here is a list of hotels in the area with cruise parking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Am I Being Charged for 8 Days of Parking for a 7-Day Cruise?
You’ll notice that lots charge by the day. For some, they count each day that you park there as a full day. So if you arrive a noon on Sunday for a 7-day cruise, that first Sunday is a full day. When to get back to port the next Sunday, you’ll also be charged for that day too, even though you will usually leave by 10 a.m. It can be frustrating, but that’s the way it is.

Is Free Parking Available Anywhere?
South Florida is densely populated, which means parking space is at a premium. The only place that will have free parking are some hotels that offer park and cruise deals to entice guests. Everywhere else will charge you to park. If you are disabled, then you might qualify for free parking at Port Everglades. Those with toll exemptions permits, specially modified vehicles or disabled veteran plates can get free parking.

What’s the Cheapest Fort Lauderdale Cruise Parking?
The cheapest lots we’ve found are Discount Parking FLL and Park by the Ports. They offer rates around $50 for a week-long cruise. That’s hard to beat and less than half the cost of parking at the Port Everglades cruise terminals.

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Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades) Cruise Parking (Where to Park): Prices, Profiles, & Map


  1. Has anyone taken a 12 passenger van to the port and used the parking garage? or has anyone used the surface parking near the garage?

  2. I have done Park ‘N Go a few times, but have not done the Port Everglades Official Parking. So I wonder if your statement that “The official parking provided by the port is by far the most convenient” is true. Park ‘N Go (and maybe other off-site facilities) offer a valet service where you pull-in, unload your luggage (or sometimes they unload it for you), and you get transported to the front steps of the port terminal. I suspect there may be a lot more walking involved at the official parking, and if you didn’t drop off your luggage beforehand, you’ll be hauling it from your car to the terminal. That doesn’t seem as “convenient” as the off-site parking options. The only thing inconvenient is the shuttle ride, which pales in comparison to dragging your luggage through the parking lot.

    • We think parking literally across the street from the ship is most convenient. Plus, you don’t have to wait on shuttles coming or going. Get off the ship, walk to your car, and you’re off.

      That said, we typically opt for independent lots when we cruise due to the cost savings. But in our mind parking at the port is much more convenient.

  3. You list the price of Park by the Ports as $6 per day, but when I went to make the reservation, the price was $8.99 per day for a regular size car. That’s a 50% discrepancy. A huge difference! Please update your information.

    • Thanks for letting us know. Keep in mind that rates can and do change based on season, economic conditions, etc.

  4. We parked in the cruise ship lot on Monday 7/22 and due to medical problems we had to leave cruise on Wed 7/24. How do we retrieve our vehicle from parking lot before return of cruise ship on Sat 7/27??? Val

    • Sorry to hear that. You should call the port directly and explain the situation. You can reach the port at 954-523-3404

  5. Hi

    I am looking for some info please. I am a crew member who will be sailing on the Zuiderdam from Dec 6 and am wanting long term parking at the port Everglades port (Month to month) as I will be docking there every 10/11days and will need access to my car. How do I get monthly rates ? Thanks in advance

  6. Read your recomendation for cruise parking at ft lauderdale for park n go, your article states that park n go charge $8 per day,
    Just been on their website and they are charging $15 per day, or $13.5 per day if booked online.

    • Thanks for letting us know. We looked into it. You’ll find cheaper rates for booking farther in advance. Rates are higher if booking closer to the cruise date.

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