New Survey Reveals MOST Cruisers Plan to Sail Again… And Are Open to Masks on the Ship

More than 80% of past cruise passengers say they will definitely plan to sail again once cruises resume, while nearly 16% say they “maybe” will sail. Only 1% of past passengers say they won’t sail again after the current health crisis.

This data comes from a survey Cruzely conducted of 1,500 past cruise passengers.

The eye-opening survey covered everything from the willingness of passengers to sail again to when passengers think cruises will resume trips to whether or not former passengers would sail if they had to wear a mask.

Among what we discovered:

  • The biggest portion of those surveyed (46%) think cruises will resume in the first half of 2021. Only about 10% of respondents think that cruises will resume in October 2020, which is when the current CDC order is set to expire.
  • Nearly 30% of respondents plan to only sail once there is a vaccine available or COVID is no longer an issue. What was interesting is that about the same number of people sail they would be comfortable sailing immediately when cruises resume.
  • What about masks? Almost half of those surveyed (45%) said they would sail if they had to wear a mask at times around the ship. Another 23% said they would maybe sail with mask restrictions. Just over 30% said they wouldn’t sail if it meant they had to sometimes wear a mask.

You can read the survey results and our full study here.

Given the headlines these findings may be surprising to some, however, cruise passengers are known for being loyal to sailing.

Are you surprised by the results? You can put your thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook page where there is a current conversation.

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