Los Lobos Full Menu with Prices (Norwegian Specialty Restaurant)

Maybe it’s because we’re from Texas, but it is hard to beat some great Mexican food. Combine that with being in a tropical location like the Caribbean, and it doesn’t get any better than fresh guacamole, fish tacos, or some enchiladas.

If you feel the same way, then you’ll love Los Lobos — the Tex-Mex style restaurant aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines. We recently had dinner at the restaurant and wanted to give you all the details about what to expect when you dine here.

Which Ships Are Los Lobos On?

According to our research, Los Lobos in only on three Norwegian ships — Norwegian Bliss, Dawn, and Encore.

Given the rising popularity of Mexican food in the United States, it wouldn’t surprise us to see the restaurant coming to more Norwegian ships in the future as they are refurbished.

What Sort of Food Is Served?

Below we have the full Los Lobos menu that you can browse. In general, it’s your standard Mexican food fare, including guacamole that’s made tableside, tacos, enchiladas, and a number of specialties like carne asada and even red snapper.

Fish tacos on Los Lobos aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines

To us the menu was a nice mix of classic Tex-Mex favorites but also more authentic dishes from Mexico itself. For instance, Los Lobos serves elotes — Mexican street corn — that you often don’t find at regular Tex-Mex restaurants.

There are also a number of dessert options, including tres leches and flan.

How Much Does Los Lobos Cost?

Los Lobos is a specialty restaurant on Norwegian, so be prepared to pay extra for your meal. In this case, it is a la carte dining, so each item on the menu is at a cost, just like a restaurant on land (For reference, some cruise lines simply charge a flat fee for a restaurant and you order what you want.)

In this case, the prices are in line with a higher-end Mexican restaurant on land. Appetizers run $5-10 each, while tacos and enchilada plates are $10-16. The house specialties like carne asada and poblanos rellenos are in the $15-24 range.

Keep in mind that your bill will also have a 20% gratuity added on automatically.

As a rule of thumb, we’d budget about $25-35 per person to get an appetizer, entree, and dessert. This doesn’t include drinks.

How Is the Food?

We’ll be honest, Los Lobos surprised us. We eat Mexican food regularly at home and the quality could have matched up with anything we get back in Texas.

During our dinner we had the guacamole (made tableside as you watch), the fish tacos, and tres leches for dessert. Our friend had the rajas & cremas tacos, along with elotes.

Tableside guacamole

We both liked just about everything with our meals. The only complaint is that the small side of guacamole that came with our tacos (not the tableside guac) didn’t look fresh. Apart from that, we thought the entire meal was fantastic with lots of flavor.

One tip is if you want to save some money, skip dessert. The buffet on Norwegian serves fantastic dessert items that are free. The dessert items at Los Lobos cost $6-7 each. So for two people you can just head to the buffet after dinner, grab a dessert and save about $15.

Los Lobos Full Menu

Below we have photos of the full menu with prices. This was taken aboard the Norwegian Encore in November 2019. Click each photo to enlarge.
Los Lobos menu

Dessert menu at Los Lobos

Have more questions about eating here? Let us know in the comments below.

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