Is Celebrity Edge The Most Luxurious Cruise Ship On the Planet?

If you don’t pay attention to all the new ships being built around the world, then you may not have heard of what could be the most luxurious cruise ship ever built: Celebrity Edge.

As the name suggests, this ship is part of Celebrity Cruises. Celebrity, under its parent Royal Caribbean, is known as a higher-end cruise line where the focus is on luxury and extravagance. The new Celebrity Edge seems to be taking that focus to the next level.

Currently the new ship is under construction in France, set to debut in December 2018. Even so, we’ve been given a sneak peak at the construction of the ship, which is far enough along to see some of the impressive details that set the Edge apart from most other cruise ships.

Celebrity Edge
All photos used with permission of Celebrity Cruises

Before we get too far, there are some basic details of the new ship you should know. It measures 1,004′ in length, making it comparable to most other new ships hitting the water these days. However, at 129,500 tons, it’s significantly smaller than many of the mega ships you see on the seas, especially those from Royal Caribbean that can weigh upwards of 230,000 tons.

Once it sets sail, Celebrity Edge will carry about 3,000 passengers. That’s nowhere near the capacity of many of the new ships hitting the waves. And yet, Celebrity is spending about $1 billion on the ship.

The Celebrity Edge’s main plaza.
A rendering of the completed pool area on the main deck.
The ship’s cafe in the spa.

In other words, passengers are getting a ship with the price tag of today’s largest ships, yet a size that’s considerably smaller. That means one thing — the cruise line is spending a lot of money to deliver a level of luxury that’s unheard of on cruise ships.

You can see for yourself just how luxurious the ship will be with the following video showing the current progress and future renderings of the ship.

New Features of the Celebrity Edge

Taking just one look at the video and renderings of the new ship you can see right away some of the unique features that make the ship stand out.

Let’s start with what stands out the most when you look at the exterior of the ship. Cantilevered over the side of the ship is the large orange “Magic Carpet“. This elevating section is the size of a tennis court and can move up and down the ship.

Celebrity Edge Magic Carpet
The Magic Carpet glides up and down the side of the ship, offering unobstructed views.

When located at the top of the ship, the Magic Carpet is a specialty restaurant that can seat up to 90 guests. On Deck 14 it’s used as an extension of the main pool area. Other locations allow the space to be al fresco seating and even an embarkation point.

That’s really just the start of what’s so unique about the Celebrity Edge. Inside the ship is the crown jewel of the ship, a venue known as Eden.

Eden is a multi-purpose venue that rises three decks and nearly 13,000 square feet. What’s so special, however, is not just the size of the space, but the openness. Celebrity claims the ship will have the most outward-facing glass than any other room at sea (almost 7,000 square feet).

The massive Eden area is designed to be a light-filled lounge for guests to relax.

Celebrity Edge Eden

The result is a massive room that feels a part of the outside instead of a cramped ship’s deck. Eden is designed to be one of the main public spaces for passengers who can use it to hang out in the morning, take in activities during the day, and party (with nightlife) in the evening.

As for other unique spaces on the ship, passengers will want to check out the Rooftop Garden. While these days it’s not unusual to see greenery on a cruise ship, the garden looks to put an outdoor park on the 15th deck of the ship — complete with cozy seating areas that offer some privacy to get away from other passengers.

Celebrity Edge garden
Once completed, the rooftop garden will offer an intimate place to spend time surrounded by foliage.

Meanwhile, it’s not just the public spaces that have been given attention. Celebrity Edge will offer staterooms that appear much classier and luxurious than your traditional cruise cabin. Not only do the design themes of the rooms look upgraded — complete with muted greys that remind us of a lux hotel suite instead of a dated cruise cabin — but 99% of the staterooms on the new ship have a king-sized bed.

Another feature is what the cruise line calls Infinite Verandas. While most ships feature a small door that goes out onto the balcony, this ship features two massive doors that take up the entire wall where the balcony door typically is. Touch a button and the doors open, creating a space without any separation. Your entire cabin essentially becomes the balcony.

Celebrity Edge Infinite Veranda
Infinite Verandas remove the barrier between your cabin and the balcony.

Want more privacy on your cruise ship? Book a suite on the ship and you’ll have access to The Retreat. This private area includes a sundeck, outdoor lounge, pool, hot tub and even dedicated butlers — all for the exclusive use of suite guests. There is even Luminae, a suite-class only restaurant so you will never have to fight the larger crowds you might find on the rest of the ship.

Truth be told, judging from the design and progress made on the ship, we think it will compete to be the most luxurious cruise ship ever built. If you want to secure your spot on the ship, sailings start in December 2018, with departures from Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades).

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