Everything to Know About Seattle’s Port Valet — Free Cruise Luggage Transfer Service

We’ve all had that experience of heading to an airport to catch a flight, walking in the doors, and seeing a line of passengers waiting to check their luggage at the airline desk that snakes back and forth.

Not only does it mean being bored waiting in line for your turn to check your bags, but it can also mean you have to get to the airport that much earlier, or risk missing your flight.

Luggage sitting at an airport for a cruise

Luckily, the Port of Seattle and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport have a “Port Valet” service that can save you a lot of time and headache. If you’re taking a cruise from Seattle and plan on flying home from the airport, then you’ll want to take advantage of this little-known cruise perk.

How It Works

With the Port Valet service, cruisers disembarking in Seattle and headed to the airport don’t have to worry about schlepping their bags. The complimentary service will transfer your luggage from ship directly to the plane. The service is free, and passengers pay only normal baggage fees an airline may charge for either checking a bag or excess baggage, not for the transfer service.

So how can you take advantage?

First, you’ll fill out an enrollment form while onboard your ship, which you should find in your stateroom (if not, ask Guest Services). The Port of Seattle recommends that you enroll early. Any questions you have can be answered by the Guest Services desk on the ship.

The night before your cruise ends, you’ll have airline boarding passes and special luggage tags delivered. Place these tags on your checked bags and then set them outside of your room. The ship’s crew will pick them up for you.

From there, your luggage is delivered directly to your airport, so you don’t have to check those bags. The next time you see them will be on the luggage carousel when you land back home.

This gives you more time to explore Seattle, while not worrying about carrying heavy bags around. And when you arrive at SeaTac with the boarding passes you received shipboard, you can head directly to security check-in and then to your plane’s departure gate. You can even track your bags during this process at https://portvalet.maketraveleasier.com

Currently, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, Horizon Air, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines and United Airlines participate in the program. The free luggage transfer service is available in Seattle because Sea-Tac and the Port of Seattle are run by the same authority.

What Passengers Think of the Program

Obviously having a completely free service that takes care of your luggage should be popular. And while not many people seem to know about the service (its only been around a few years), those that have used it rave about the program.

One passenger had this to say:

“It is GREAT!! You are given your airline docs (we were flying Southwest) and baggage checks on the night before docking. We attached them to our bags, put them in the hallway, and the next time we saw them was on the baggage carousel in Tucson. We walked off the ship with our carry-on in Seattle at 6:30, hailed a cab, and we were checked in and at our gate at the airport by 7:30. We were WAY early for our 11:30 AM flight, but that was fine. I had been concerned that 11:30 was too early, but everything worked out as well as we could have ever wanted. Seattle really had its act together, both for check-in at the pier and for disembarkation. I highly recommend the service!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge for the Port Valet service in Seattle?
No, the service is completely free. It’s paid for through airline and port fees. While technically you have to pay these fees (and thus are paying for the service), there is no additional charge to use the Port Valet.

What if I need something from my bag after it is picked up?
You should be sure that you have everything you need from your luggage before you set it outside your door. With the Port Valet service, once your bags are picked up you won’t see them again until you land at your home airport. You won’t have a chance to get anything from them once they are picked up the night before your cruise gets back to port.

What if I’m not traveling on one of the airlines offering the service?
As mentioned above, Alaska, American, Delta, Horizon Air, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit Airlines and United all are participants in the program. That should cover the vast majority of passengers. If you are flying out on a different airline, then you’ll still need to bring your luggage with you the traditional way.

Have more questions about the free port valet service between the Port of Seattle and the airport? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Seattle valet…can the luggage remain overnight at the airport?
    We return on Sat. but don’t fly out till Sunday

    • Oh, not sure about that. I’d be worried about having my luggage out of my hands that long to be honest.

  2. Hello, my ship docks in seattle on july 24th 2020, however my plane out of seattle leaves on july 25th at 23:50 , can I still take advantage of this program? this would help me a lot because I would not have to carry my big suitcase all around seattle for basically two days

    • We wouldn’t want to risk it. That’s a long time to be away from your bags. Your hotel would likely have a bell desk where you can hold your bags. They will often hold them even after you’ve checked out.

  3. hi. We are taking a red-eye out of SeaTac at 10PM on the day we disembark. Is that too late to use this service? I can’t find any time limit, but also value my luggage:) thanks!

  4. I paid for your Port Valet Service on the RC Ovation of the Seas departing Aug 2 and returning August 9.
    (today is August 23) I placed my bag outside the room with the luggage tag delivered with the Southwest Airlines boarding pass, which included a luggage claim number, the night before arriving at the port as instructed. The bag was removed from there by your port valet service.

    In short my bag, with two weeks of clothing, was lost! In addition to the airline bag tag there was a yellow and black paisley ribbon on the bag for quick identification on a luggage carousel, which makes it less likely to have been taken by mistake. I filed claims with both SW airlines and RC cruise lost and found. The cruise line claims no responsibility or reimbursement obligation as they put it on the port valet service. Who can I file a claim with? I estimate that the contents were worth at least $1500. I ‘ve spoken with several people at the cruise line and baggage company Bags, Inc. everyday since returning.

    So far each pretty much said too bad for your poor luck, we have no responsibility. This is unacceptable. I and the other 17 people in my group will never take another cruise with Royal Caribbean or out of the port of Seattle if this is not resolved. Please advise.

    • Sorry to hear about your lost bag. We aren’t the port, cruise line, or baggage company. We are simply a website that offers information about cruising. It sounds like you are on the right path in contacting all the responsible parties, even if they are trying to pass the buck as you say.

      Did you have travel insurance? That may be your best bet at this point. If you find you aren’t getting anywhere contacting the companies directly, we’ve seen some people have success getting issues resolved by posting on social media about their issues.

      • FYI, almost all credit card/ travel insurance policies won’t cover the lost luggage with their standard policies since the luggage/port valet is a third party. You have to ask if 3rd party baggage handling coverage can be added which would obviously be an additional fee and not every provider is even willing to cover a 3rd party. To avoid further miscommunication, I would recommend you specifically point out that it is a 3rd party and not a cruiseline or airline run service. Learned this the hard way.

  5. Hi we are currently on the ovation of the seas arriving on 8/9/19 and flying out of SeaTac the same day. We are flying in southwest but signed up for the early bird check in. Is it an issue to be able to take advantage of the valet service? I am hearing mixed things from the staff onboard the ship.

    • Obviously the people on the ship should know best, but this is exactly what the valet program was made for. We’re not sure what the issue might be. We’d suggest going down to talk to Guest Services.

  6. I will be arriving at the Seattle Airport very early in the morning the day of my cruise. The cruise is not scheduled to leave until 5pm. Although I know I will need to check in earlier than that, can I drop off my luggage at the port earlier ?

  7. We will be on Royal Caribbean Ovation of the Seas, arriving back in Seattle 8/23/19, my flight is on 8/24/19 06:25 am. Will I be able to use this service?

    • We would suggest not doing that given that you don’t fly out until the next day. If you are staying the night somewhere, then you can likely have them hold your bags even before you check in.

    • We just called the port and were told the baggage fees charged by the airline are charged to your shipboard account.


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