Carnival Reveals Details of its MASSIVE Pool Area Coming to Celebration Key

For months, we’ve told you about Carnival’s new private destination in The Bahamas, Celebration Key. The cruise line is taking what’s essentially a blank canvas on Grand Bahama Island and creating a completely new area only 120 miles from Miami — while spending hundreds of millions of dollars in the process.

Carnival revealed new details about its massive lagoon area, with lots of info about everything that will be available to passengers. Image courtesy of Carnival.

So far we know that the cruise line intends to build five different “portals” around the area… the entire site measures more than 300 acres… there are plans to have two million passengers visit annually… and it will open in mid-2025.

Carnival is already booking cruises that will call on Celebration Key. And as the opening date approaches, the cruise line continues to reveal new details. Now, we have a first look at the new family-friendly area that revolves around the pool, dubbed Starfish Lagoon.

Months ago, we hinted that Carnival may be building one of the largest pools in the Caribbean. Now the cruise line has confirmed that (although, it calls it a ‘freshwater lagoon’) and that pool serves as a focus point for the new announcement.

In addition to plenty of spots to swim with space for everyone, Starfish Lagoon will feature:

  • Two 350-foot-plus waterslides (Flash Flamingo and Mach III Marlin) that run in and around a 10-story ‘Suncastle’ feature that anchors the area.
  • A new “coral reef themed” splash pad for small kids with a wading pool, water toys, and dump bucket. The ‘Guppy Grotto’ will offer up shaded seating for families as well.
  • A sport court with pickleball, basketball, and volleyball.
  • The Game Pavilion, a spot for options like corn hole, ping pong and foosball tables to keep kids entertained when not in the water.
  • A swim-up bar for adults to grab something tasty without getting out of the water.
  • Over-the-water hammocks that sit out in the lagoon to offer a fun way to relax.
  • New floating AquaBanas (presumably for rent) that sit out in the lagoon. With space for up to eight people, the 12 floating cabanas offer direct access to the water and are grouped “around a peninsula with a dedicated bar.”
  • Numerous cabanas and daybeds will also be available poolside.

Of course, in addition to the pool and all the features it will have, Starfish Lagoon will also be next to the beach where families can relax, play in the water, or rent kayaks and paddleboards.

With the details released of the area, Carnival also released renderings to give passengers a visual of what to expect:

Starfish Lagoon will feature a splash pad that’s ideal for those with small kids. Image courtesy of Carnival.
The area will have spots to play games ranging from foosball tables to a pickleball court. Image courtesy of Carnival.
A new feature will be the AquaBanas, a dozen private spots for up to eight people that float in the lagoon. Image courtesy of Carnival.

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