Carnival Reveals BIG New Details About Celebration Key (New Private Island)

For months, we’ve shared everything we know about Carnival Cruise Line’s new private destination — called Celebration Key. The spot sits just off the coast of Florida near Freeport in The Bahamas and promises to be the ultimate playground for cruise passengers.

New Celebration Key reveals from Carnival include a massive “sandcastle” with waterslides and one of the largest pools we’ve ever seen. Image courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line.

While we’ve known a few interesting tidbits (opening in 2025, built on a site totaling more than 300 acres, the ability to handle two ships at once), Carnival has actually been tight-lipped about what all the new destination would include. Most things we’ve had to glean from renderings or other sources.

For instance, we shared that the cruise line might be building a massive pool at Celebration Key after seeing a rendering that showed a swimming area far bigger than a cruise ship.

Now, however, some details are being revealed.

On Carnival’s website, the cruise line has offered an update with new details about Celebration Key that had yet to be released. This includes a new video, providing some of the first visuals of what passengers can expect:

So what will it include?

Five “Portals” Around Celebration Key Offer Something for Everyone

According to the website, there will be five “portals” included on the destination:

“What you’ll find there is just like Carnival’s onboard vibe that folks love. When your ship pulls up, the vacation possibilities are expanded with unique island-style fun, relaxation and adventure spread across 65 acres and five “portals” for you to explore. Each portal is distinctly different, made for another side of Carnival fun… plus get ready for unforgettable experiences like a mile-long white sand beach, largest freshwater lagoons in the Caribbean, local Bahamian flavors and shopping, plus excursions and more.”

The five areas include:

Welcome Portal: The first place you’ll experience is the pier and walkway to enter the island, anchored by a massive “sandcastle” that’s the highest point around, along with waterslides shooting out of the top. The video also shows a welcome plaza with fountain that’s lined by what look like shops.

Adult-Friendly Portal: Family cruise lines have made a push to offer adults-only spaces, and Celebration Key appears no different. Carnival says this area will have a swim-up bar, a DJ, dining with a full-service restaurant, and it will also have a section of pool and cabanas.

Family-Friendly Portal: Carnival is known for being family-friendly, so it only makes sense the destination would have a spot dedicated to them as well. It may be named “All-together” as the website says “All-together is a great way to experience activities like the lagoon and beach, splash pad with shallow pool, and sports courts, but spaces for kids and teens also let fun with new friends happen while the adults do their own thing.”

Adults-Only Private Club Portal: Royal Caribbean recently opened Hideaway Beach on CocoCay — a paid area that’s only for adults. Celebration Key will have it’s own similar spot that Carnival says is an “exclusive area that takes relaxation and luxury to the next level.” It will feature a private beach, infinity pool, and higher-end dining. There will also be a pavilion for hosting weddings or vow renewals.

Retail Portal: Sitting near the “Sandcastle” at the center of the destination is the retail portal that features shopping, art exhibitions, and Bahamian Junkanoo performances. It’s surrounded by massive pool and should be a focal point of the area.

Shopping, restaurants, adults-only areas, waterslides, a massive freshwater pool, tons of beach, and a splash pad for kids… what more could a cruise passenger ask for?

No doubt that more details about Celebration Key will come in the months ahead (it’s still more than a year until it’s open to the first visitors), but so far, it seems to offer something for everyone.

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