Answered: Can I Wear a Thong Swimsuit on a Cruise?

There’s something about a cruise that makes people let loose. Maybe it’s simply the “I’m on vacation” mindset. Maybe it’s the warm sunshine. Or maybe it’s just the intoxicating feel of cruising the Caribbean.

No matter the reason, sometimes you’ll find that you do things on a cruise that you normally wouldn’t do… including wearing a swimsuit that shows a little more than you typically reveal. Or you may be simply more comfortable wearing a smaller bikini that shows a little cheek. After all, if you got it, why not flaunt it?

But you likely know that there are all sorts of people on board the ship, including everything from retirees to kids and families. Therefore you might be wondering if risque swimsuits like thongs or other booty-baring cuts are allowed.

Yes, you can wear a thong swimsuit on a cruise. That said, we suggest some discretion.

First, we’ve searched the websites of all the major cruise lines, including Carnival, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, and Princess Cruise Lines. Nowhere did we find any sort of language mentioning thong swimsuits or restrictions against them. In fact, many of these same ships that sail in the United States also sail during the offseason in European ports, where smaller bathing suits are the norm.

Therefore, it is our understanding that if you want to bare your buns, have at it. There are no official rules in place to stop you.

However, if you do plan to wear a swimsuit that shows more than most, then we’d suggest hanging out at the adults-only pools on board the ship. The regular pools are often filled with children, families, and people of all ages. Some parents might object to their kids catching an eyeful while at the pool — especially on U.S.-based cruises, where thongs are rarely seen.

And while we have yet to find an official policy, it wouldn’t surprise us if complaints prompted the cruise staff to put on something a little less revealing.

With the adults-only pools, we hope that everyone would be mature enough to handle a skimpy swimsuit without blinking an eye.

Of course, as with any swimsuit you want to remember to cover up when headed indoors. Cruise lines do have rules on appropriate attire in the indoor areas of the ships, including the buffet and restaurants. There, any swimsuit should be covered.

Bottom line: Wear your thongs if you want, but have some discretion and only wear them in acceptable places.

Have you worn (or seen) a thong or other risque swimsuit on a cruise? What happened? Let us know in the comments below…


  1. I have done 4 cruises, (3 Carnival, 1 Norwegian) and have always worn thongs at all the pools, tubs and slides. Only twice was I screamed at by someone not liking it, yet they never said anything to the girls with me about their thongs. Yes, I am a guy. Guess girls in thongs are ok but not guys. Received a lot of positive support for my openness and ‘rebel’ stance against what society thinks men must wear. I wear what I am comfortable in. I did try to limit my times to when the pools and slides were in less use but even still used them in peak hours where the lines on the slides were 5-10 mins long. Remember, at the end of the cruise, you will never see those people again and they wont see you. Yes, I got a lot of OMGs and snickers, but afterwards they went back to their business of having fun, just like I did.

  2. Power to ya bro. I have done it to. little by little. I really enjoy it. going next month on two and plan on wearing mine as often as I can. Yes I am a guy as well. 🙂 If it feels good? do it.

  3. It’s great to see I am not the only guy wearing a thong on cruises at the pool and beach excursions. I too enjoy wearing my thong and my wife is great supporter of me wearing my thong. I nothing like catching all the sun rays possible. We will be cruising in November.

  4. My 20 yo daughter and her 19 yo friend wore thong bikinis on our cruise and got a lot of looks but no one said anything derogatory to them. Of course, these were gorgeous girls with awesome bodies. Lol.


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