Answered: Are There ATMs on Cruise Ships?

Maybe you want to hit the casino with cash. Or maybe you are about to head to shore and need a few extra bucks for walking around money. While the vast majority of transactions on a cruise ship are simply charged to your room, there are still times when you want cold hard cash in your pocket.

For those times, yes, cruise ships have ATMs on board.

Carnival cruise ATM
This ATM aboard Carnival was located near the main elevators.

Usually the ship will have several locations where you can find a machine. They are most often located near the casino or main lobbies on the ship. If you are having trouble finding an ATM, you can ask Guest Services for its location.

One thing you should know is that using a cash machine on the ship is expensive. It’s not unusual to see fees of up to $6, plus anything your bank charges for taking out money:

Carnival ATM charge
A $6 charge for accessing money via the ATM.

In other words, these machines are great for emergencies when you need some cash, but don’t rely on them exclusively unless you don’t mind the high charges for accessing your money.

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