9 Beautiful Cozumel Hotels on the Beach

Think of Cozumel, and you likely think of a tropical paradise with white sand beaches, electric blue water, and plenty of sunshine. The truth is, however, that while Cozumel does offer plenty of sunshine and gorgeous water, the shoreline isn’t always picture perfect.

Yes, the island does have plenty of stretches of powdery white sand. But to the surprise of many travelers, most hotels do not sit on these sandy beaches. For many parts of the island — especially on its western shore that is the most developed — the coastline is a rocky mix of coral with sharp drop-offs into the water.

While many hotels and recreation areas have created man made beaches for their guests, there usually isn’t a gently sloping beach that goes down to meet the water. Instead, you’ll often find a beach with a small seawall and then the water.

That said, there are still plenty of beautiful beaches around Cozumel and many hotel options that offer access without the rocky shore that’s found in so many areas.

Primarily these hotels are on the southwestern part of the island — south of the city of San Miguel and the cruise ports. The eastern shore, which has larger stretches of beach, is still largely undeveloped.

If you’re looking for your best options for Cozumel hotels with beachfront, then we have several ideas below.

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Beachfront Hotels in Cozumel

InterContinental Presidente Cozumel
Rated a staggering 4.5 out of 5, the InterContinental Presidente Cozumel is everything you would expect from a luxury resort. The high-end hotel features multiple pools and includes a beachfront. The resort sits on a lengthy expanse of coast that is mostly rocky, but there are two areas where the beach gently flows down into the water, straight out of a postcard. It is just a short drive south of the cruise port and one of the closest hotels to the main part of the island to also have a nice beach.

Sunscape Sabor Cozumel
Looking for a family-friendly resort that’s also all-inclusive and features a gorgeous beach? The Sunscape Sabor resort in Cozumel is it. The beachfront resort includes 24-hour food and beverage options, activities, and more. It’s specifically geared toward families, which kid’s clubs for the children while the parents relax, as well things to do for the entire family.

Secrets Aura Cozumel
You can think of Sunscape Sabor (mentioned above) and Secrets Aura as siblings. The resorts are right next to each other on the southwest part of the island and offer all-inclusive service. In fact, Secrets Aura allows your to visit the amenities of Sunscape Sabor during your stay. But whereas Subscape is geared more toward families, Secrets is aimed at luxury, making it more ideal for couples looking for a romantic getaway. Besides nice sand, there are swimming pools, tennis courts, and more.

Allegro Cozumel
A popular trend on this part of the island, Allegro is another all-inclusive beachfront hotel. It features not just the beach, but five different restaurants and five swimming pools (including a large kid’s play area with waterslides), tennis courts, a basketball court, and more. The resort sits just south of popular beach clubs — Mr. Sanchos and Nachi Cocom. If you’ve ever visited these places, then you know the sort of beach to expect at Allegro.

Iberostar Cozumel
If you’ve looked into luxury resorts in the Caribbean, then you’ve likely heard of Iberostar. The hotel brand offers several choices around the area. The hotel in Cozumel is a 5-star all-inclusive built into the natural surroundings, while also boasting an expansive beachfront. A stay will offer everything you need, from food to wi-fi, as well as kids areas, watersports, and entertainment. It is also one of the most reviewed resorts in the area, with over 5,000 guest reviews on TripAdvisor.

Ventanas Al Mar
Maybe a massive all-inclusive luxury resort isn’t exactly what you’re looking for? What about a cute, eco-friendly hotel that’s out of the way on the eastern side of the island? That’s exactly what Ventanas Al Mar offers. It’s the only hotel in the area, meaning there won’t be a ton of people sharing the space with you. In other words, if you just want quiet and peaceful, then Ventanas Al Mar could be perfect. Just keep in mind you’ll likely need a car given the location on the island.

Melia Cozumel
On the northern end of the island sits a small batch of several hotels. The location is ideal because you are near the city, but not in the heart of the hustle and bustle of town. Unfortunately, most hotels here have rocky shores, but Melia Cozumel offers a wide expanse of beach.

The hotel is great for families, offering a ton of things for kids to do with everything from batting cages to mini golf. There is also a golf course right across the street for adults. Meanwhile, it is all-inclusive so you can eat and drink on-site or simply head a short distance into town.

Residencias Reef
While not technically a hotel, Residencias Reef is a condo development with dozens of rooms to rent. Prices vary depending on which room your decide to rent. No matter your choice, you’ll have a wide beach with loungers and shade, and access to two heated pools. Located on the southwest side of the island (right near Secrets Aura), there are a few clubs and restaurants nearby as well.

Occidental Cozumel
In the world of all-inclusive resorts, we think the Occidental stands out with how it is built into the foliage next to the beach. The resort is surrounded by lush tropical plants that add a layer of beauty. It also features three pools, seven restaurants, tennis courts, spa, gym, and more. And did we mention the sand? While the rooms aren’t beachfront, a short walk will take you to a wide expanse of white, sandy beach with loungers and palapas for use by guests.

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