Carnival Cruise TV Channels (Full Listing)

We know that no one goes on a cruise to sit around and watch TV, but sometimes it can be a great activity. After a day in the sun and humidity of the Caribbean, we’ll admit that we love nothing more than to chill out in a cool cabin, watching some television or Netflix.

We also know that we are not alone. That’s why we’ve rounded up the channel listings for Carnival.

You can see that there aren’t a ton of channels. In fact, some of the biggest cable channels aren’t available at all, like ESPN. Don’t worry though, if there is a big game you want to watch, it will be shown somewhere on the ship — most likely the SKYBOX Sports Bar that’s on most ships.

As for the rest of the stations, you have all your major networks, some additional channels and then a ton of cruise line specific stations. Also, the channels start at 11 instead of 2, like you would see on land.

Here are all of Carnival’s TV channels:

  • Channel 11: Fun Finds
  • Channel 13: Cruise Life TV
  • Channel 14: Channel Guide
  • Channel 15: Discovery
  • Channel 16: Cruise Life TV 2
  • Channel 17: Shorex
  • Channel 18: Map Channel
  • Channel 19: Forward Camera (From Ship’s Bridge)
  • Channel 20: Lido Camera
  • Channel 21: Audible Funtimes
  • Channel 22: CBS (South Florida affiliate)
  • Channel 23: NBC (South Florida affiliate)
  • Channel 24: ABC (South Florida affiliate)
  • Channel 25: Fox (South Florida affiliate)
  • Channel 26: CNN
  • Channel 27: CNN International
  • Channel 28: CNN Espanol
  • Channel 29: Boomerang
  • Channel 30: Cartoon Network
  • Channel 31: TNT
  • Channel 32: TCM
  • Channel 33: Fun for All
  • Channel 34: TBS
  • Channel 35: Guest Info Channel
  • Channel 36: Radio Channel
  • Channel 37: Movie Channel
  • Channel 38: Movie Channel 2

Here’s a video of the Channel Guide:


  1. I enjoy watching some tv right before going to bed. I just wish the connections were better. The last cruise, the channels kept going in and out.

    • We didn’t have that issue, but our last cruise the remote barely worked. Had to press the channel button three times before it registered!

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