The 5 Absolute Cheapest Carnival Cruise Deals for 2024

There’s been enough upheaval in cruising to last a lifetime, but there’s little doubt that people have flocked back to cruising following the health crisis.

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Looking for a deal aboard Carnival? We’ve rounded up some of the least expensive cruises you can find on the line… sometimes sailing for less than $200 per person.

Are you eager to get back to sailing? The good news is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. As we go to press, the cheapest cruises for 2024 run $184 per person for an interior room before taxes and port fees. That means a couple can sail for less than $500.

Despite the turmoil that cruising has seen, it’s unlikely you’ll see lower prices any time soon. Already ships sailing the Caribbean and Bahamas are back above 100% occupancy has people can’t seem to get enough travel. That’s pushed prices slightly higher, but there are still plenty of deals to be found.

Below, we’ve highlighted the five absolute cheapest cruises from Carnival for 2024 year that depart from North America. To offer some variety, if two sailings are very similar in price and itinerary, we’ve only included the longest sailing. Keep in mind that prices can vary.

4-Day Bahamas Cruise From Miami

Carnival Conquest in Miami

  • Date: Multiple; September-December 2024
  • Ship: Carnival Conquest
  • Ports: Princess Cays, Nassau
  • Starting Price: $184 per person

Want to find a cheap Carnival cruise? As you’ll see, the keys are to keep it short, travel off-peak dates, and stick to older ships. This sailing ticks all three boxes. The four-day cruise departs Miami aboard the Carnival Conquest for a quick trip over to the Princess Cays and Nassau. It’s also on Carnival Conquest, which is one of the older ships in the fleet, launching in 2002.

As for the cruise, before reaching The Bahamas, you’ll have a day at sea to lounge poolside and work on your tan. Then it’s a day in the private Princess Cays destination, and another day in Nassau before returning back to Miami. It’s definitely a short vacation, but if you just need to get away, it’s perfect and won’t break the bank.

We found several sailings in the fall of 2024, including dates from September through December for just $184 per person. Click here to learn more about this cruise.

4-Day Mexico Cruise From Los Angeles (Long Beach)

  • Date: November 11, 2024
  • Ship: Carnival Radiance
  • Ports: Catalina, Ensenada
  • Starting Price: $194 per person

While $184 is the lowest price we found during our search for any Carnival cruise from the United States, this trip is literally just a few dollars more. And if you’re someone on the West Coast, it’s the best deal because you won’t have to fly across country to board the ship. Here, you can sail for about $50 per day.

The cruise is on the Carnival Radiance (an older ship). It sails from the Port of Long Beach to Catalina Island, and Ensenada, Mexico, before having a day at sea to enjoy prior to returning home. Can’t make it in November? There are multiple dates throughout the year for just a few dollars more per person. Click here to learn more about this cruise.

4-Day Bahamas Cruise From Port Canaveral

  • Date: September 30, 2024
  • Ship: Carnival Glory
  • Ports: Nassau, Princess Cays
  • Starting Price: $204 per person

If you can’t swing cruise from Miami, then this trip is very similar to the one listed above, but sails from Port Canaveral near Orlando.

This sailing departs Florida, with a full day in Nassau, followed by the Princess Cays — a private Carnival spot. Then you’ll have a full day at sea as it cruises back to Port Canaveral.

We found a price as low as $204 per person, but if you can’t sail then, there are several more options for just a few bucks more. Even as slightly higher prices, that’s a great deal for a chance to get out of town for a few days and spend some time at sea. Click here to learn more about this cruise.

4-Day Mexico Cruise From Los Angeles (Long Beach)

  • Date: December 16, 2024
  • Ship: Carnival Firenze
  • Ports: Catalina, Ensenada
  • Starting Price: $219 per person

In our list, we’ve skipped over a number of cruises that are very similar to one another in order to provide some variety. For example, with a 3-day cruise and a 4-day cruise priced the same, we’ve only included the longer 4-day cruise as a better value.

But while this trip is almost the exact same as the one aboard Carnival Radiance shown above, it has an important distinction. This cruise is aboard Carnival Firenze. This ship is one of the cruise line’s Italian-themed ships that came over from sister brand Costa. 

Cruises aboard this ship feature more Italian theming, including decor, food options, and events. The cruise line calls it “Carnival Fun Italian Style.”

This route is priced at $219 and is the same as the four-day trip above, with stops in Catalina and Ensenada. Click here to learn more about this cruise.

5-Day Bahamas Cruise From Jacksonville

Carnival Elation sailing

  • Date: Multiple, November 2024
  • Ship: Carnival Elation
  • Ports: Nassau, Princess Cays
  • Starting Price: $229 per person

When it comes to value, the cheapest isn’t always the best deal. Case in point, this cruise is $229, which is a bit more expensive than the cheapest cruise we found. But it’s also for five days, which is longer than the shorter trips on our list. In total, this cruise costs just $46 per person, per day for cruise fare (taxes, fees, and gratuities will be more).

It departs Jacksonville, putting it a closer drive to those in neighboring states like Georgia and the Carolinas who want to cruise but don’t want to fly down to Orlando or Miami. Sailing aboard the Carnival Elation, you’ll have stops in Nassau and the Princess Cays along with two full days at sea. Click here to learn more about this cruise.

Note: The cruises above are the cheapest we found from Carnival for 2024. But there are still plenty of inexpensive trips out there for very low prices. Slightly increase your budget and you’ll find many more options sailing from ports around the country.

How to Find More Deals on Carnival

While we’ve included the cruises with the absolute cheapest prices we could find, it’s understandable if these trips aren’t exactly the ones you’re looking for. Maybe you want a longer cruise, or to sail from a different port.

Fortunately, there are plenty more deals out there. If you want to find the best prices, stick to a few simple rules…

Timing of the Cruise: When you sail makes a difference in cruise pricing. The basic rule of thumb is that choosing a cruise during the off-season helps reduce your fare. If your schedule permits, sail during the school year when fewer people are free to travel (as a bonus, your cruise will be quieter when there are fewer children on board).

As you can see, many of the trips above sail in the fall. This is after kids go back to school, meaning that families are less apt to book this sort of cruise. Other affordable times to sail include April-May and early in the year.

Choose an Older Ship: Unless you have your heart set on sailing a cruise line’s latest ship with all the newest bells and whistles, choose a voyage aboard an older vessel. The fares on these ships tend to be significantly lower.

With new ships, there is typically more demand and interest, which coincides with higher prices. Don’t be scared of older ships. They are updated regularly with many of the features found on newer vessels, including favorite restaurants and amenities. No, they aren’t the exact same as a new ship, but still offer plenty to like.

Interior Cabins: The prices mentioned in this article are all for interior cabins. That’s because these rooms offer the least expensive price to get on the ship. Of course, not everyone likes interior rooms, but the premium on a balcony cabin can be pricey.

If you’re the sort of person who likes to spend lots of time in the cabin in your own space, then a balcony could be well worth the money. But if you’re the type to be out and about during your cruise, then you’ll likely only use the cabin to sleep and to change clothes. In that case, you can sail the exact same trip as someone in a balcony cabin, but for hundreds less.

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