Retro Fun: Watch This Awesomely ’90s Video of Carnival Ecstasy

Want a fun break from your day? Check out the amazingly ’90s video of Carnival’s Ecstasy ship.

We found this video on YouTube, in all its glory (linked at the end of the page). It’s about 23 minutes long, but don’t worry, you don’t have to watch the entire thing to get a laugh.

It’s a marketing video designed to get people excited to sail. It takes a tour with a Carnival executive, who shows off all the features of the new ship.

At the time, Carnival Ecstasy was the class of the cruise line. Today, it’s definitely dated. This video, taken in 1991, shows how cruising used to be. It even shows skeet shooting off the back of the ship — a practice that is no longer allowed.

Check out the video at the bottom of the page. We’ve also taken some of our favorite still frames that show just how much cruising has changed.

If you can’t see, his sign says $2.25 for a drink!
The atrium aboard the ship… lots of neon.
Thankfully, cabins are much more comfy these days.
Maybe not the best looking food…
All that neon is like having a drink in a video game!
The pool area seems quaint by today’s standards.
Exercise machine or torture device?
The top of the line cabin… and no balcony!
Choice of two different salads?! Luckily, you have even more choices today.
Yes, you used to be able to shoot off the back of the ship.

Check out the entire video is all its glory:

Feature image: Rusty Clark

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