The Best Gift Ever for People That Love Cruises? This Might Be it…

Note: Cruzely is an affiliate of If you buy using the links in this article, we receive a commission at no charge to you. The opinions below are our own. (Hint: We think the maps are really, really cool.) takes the actual location data from your cruise and turns it into a custom-made map of your specific trip.

Looking for the perfect gift for someone that loves to cruise? Or maybe you’re looking for a way to remember a trip that you took with something more than just a photo.

If that’s the case, we found what we think might be the best gift you can buy for any cruise fan, short of actually sending them on a cruise (and for much, much cheaper).

A Custom-Made Map Using Real Tracking Data

You might not realize it, but every single cruise is as unique as a fingerprint. While some trips are epic, once-in-a-lifetime cruises that aren’t repeated, others are regular itineraries run again and again.

These maps are a classic way to remember your journey, and it even includes any deviations to the route your trip took. Have a special spot you want to mark on the route (e.g. the ship’s location when you were married onboard)? You can email the company to have it added in.

But even if the ship is sailing the same route with the same exact ports, it will never cruise the exact same path due to weather, wind, or schedule. After all, there are no roads to follow when you’re at sea.

One company came up with a clever idea to take advantage of this unique trait in cruising, and it makes a perfect gift for anyone that wants to remember their cruise. is a relatively new company creating custom-made maps depicting individual cruises. You may not know it, but cruise ships (and other marine traffic) are regularly tracked via satellite. It creates a record of exactly where the ship has traveled, even the small deviations off course or if there is a change of the itinerary.

The Cruise Maps takes that historical data to create a one-of-a-kind map that depicts the route of your specific cruise. All you need to give them is the ship, the dates, and the departure ports. They are then able to create a map with your actual route, including ports of call.

Data goes all the way back to 2015, so you can create a map of practically any cruise within the last decade. And if it’s an upcoming cruise that you want mapped, then you can even pre-order and have it sent to you after the cruise is completed.

The details of the route — including ship, date, and mileage — are included in the map.

We ordered a map of Carnival cruise from Galveston to the western Caribbean. This trip aboard Carnival Vista shows the exact route of the journey, even some small deviations to the track off the coast of Texas. It also shows the cruise information, including the ship, dates, and the nautical miles sailed.

It shows great color on the map itself, including both the land and the sea. But most of all, we like that it offers something that’s not only unique, but can be displayed anywhere and fits in no matter your style. And if you have a cruise that you want to remember, there’s simply no better way we can think of than with one of these maps.

Sizes, Framing, Pricing (and a Discount Code)

You can choose if you just want the print or if you want it framed. There are also options for the orientation (vertical versus horizontal) and the map size.

Whether your cruise was literally around the world or just a few miles over to The Bahamas, it can be mapped and created for you. And if buying a gift for someone else, you’ll just need to know the ship, dates, and the departure/end port.

You have the option of two different sizes (12″x16″ or 18″x24″), framed or unframed, and landscape orientation or portrait.

We will say that the framed mapped we ordered had highly reflective plexiglass that made it hard to see in bright rooms. There is also only the option for a simple black frame at this time. If you’re the sort of person that wants more customization when it comes to framing, you can just order the print and then frame it on your own.

Prices will vary depending on your specific style of print, but in general start around $60. Order through this link or use promo code “CRUZELY” and you can receive 10% off your order. In a nice perk, shipping is free.

If you have someone that loves cruises, we can think of no better gift. Or if you’re like us and like cruises yourself, this makes a perfect way to remember your trip.

You can learn more at

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