One of the World’s Largest Cruise Ships That Nobody Is Talking About (Yet)

For more than a year, the cruise world was abuzz with the launch of Icon of the Seas, and rightly so. The mega ship from Royal Caribbean not only pushed the boundaries of what’s possible on a cruise, but also set the mark as the new largest cruise ship in the world.

But if you think other cruise lines have been standing still, then think again. A number of new ships have been in the works across major cruise lines, and while they might not get the attention that Icon of the Seas created, they are nothing short of amazing.

Case in point: MSC is building one of the largest cruise ships on the planet that will rival anything put out by other lines, but few people seem to be talking about… yet.

MSC World America
MSC World America will be one of the biggest cruise ships on the planet when it debuts in 2025. Rendering courtesy of MSC.

Debuting in 2025: MSC World America

Set to debut in April 2025, MSC World America, will be the biggest splash the global cruise line has made in the United States.

A sister-ship to MSC World Europa, World America will come in a whopping 215,000 gross tons (for comparison, Icon of the Seas is roughly 250,000) and measures a staggering 1,092 feet. With 2,614 staterooms on the ship, it will have a double occupancy of 5,228 but with the ability to hold 6,762 passengers when completely full.

That size will put her well within the list of the largest cruise ships in the world. The top six positions are held by Royal Caribbean ships, but already MSC World Europa is the first non-Royal ship to hold a spot at number seven on the list. In other words, MSC World America promises to be among the largest you’ll find anywhere.

Like World Europa, the new ship will feature the straight (“plumb”) bow that’s become popular with new ships, a split aft area of the ship that allows for more deck space lower on the ship, and a “wave” profile down the side of the ship.

Of course, a ship that’s bigger for the sake of being bigger isn’t very exciting. The excitement of a larger ship comes with everything that can be put onboard. In this case, World America doesn’t disappoint.

13 Restaurants, Six Pools, and Much, Much More

Let’s start broadly. The new ship will feature seven different “districts” — or distinct areas for passengers around the ship.

This includes Family Aventura, a family-friendly spot on the top deck that features bumper cars, a roller rink, waterslides, and an 11-story dry slide that takes you from the top deck down the ship.

There’s the Aqua Deck, which will be home to two main pools. The Zen area is the ship’s adults-only spot to get some sun, take in the view, and swim, without kids around. MSC World America will feature the Promenade district with ocean views and spots for drinks and dinner, and The Terraces with restaurants, shops, and a comedy club.

MSC’s Yacht Club of course makes an appearance with its exclusive rooms, lounges, and dining. The area is essentially a resort-within-a-resort that’s become popular among many cruise lines to offer higher-spending passengers more exclusivity with their own group of cabins.

All told, the ship will have 13 different restaurants. That includes four different main restaurants, two buffets, and Luna Park Pizza & Burger for those that just want something easy to eat and open 24 hours. The other six spots to eat are specialty restaurants, including those serving steak, sushi, and Mexican.

MSC World America will also feature 20 bars and lounges including a sports bar, a gin-focused bar, mixology bar, and even a coffee bar with different types of brews from all over the world.

The ship will have a total of six pools and 14 hot tubs, including an indoor pool with retractable roof and twin pools in the adults-only section. This is in addition to a water park that is set to include a “VR experience” for riders.

But the feature that might get the most buzz is a new thrill ride that the cruise line just unveiled. The ship will have the first-ever “Cliffhanger” aboard MSC. This ride is a large swing that projects out over the side of the ship. Passengers strap in, and the swing takes them out over the water more than 160 feet up in the air.

Looking for a thrill? The Cliffhanger on MSC World America takes riders out over the edge of the ship. Rendering courtesy of MSC.

There’s no word on when it will operate or if there is a charge, but there is currently nothing like it at sea.

A Price Tag That’s Still Affordable

As mentioned, passengers excited about MSC World America still have some time to wait. The ship makes its debut about one year from now, in April 2025. It will sail 7-night cruises around the Caribbean, of course including stops at Ocean Cay, the cruise line’s private island in The Bahamas.

One thing you should note is that despite being one of the largest and newest cruise ships in the world, cruisers who’ve been shocked at the rise in cruise prices should be pleasantly surprised.

For instance, while Icon of the Seas has seen price tags that run into the thousands of dollars per person for a week in a basic cabin, MSC World America promises to be more affordable. Its first cruise starts at $1,009 per person for an interior cabin. Later trips can be as inexpensive at $649 per person for a week-long cruise.

In other words, you don’t have to pay a fortune to sail on one of the largest ships on the planet.

MSC World America will also sail from the newest and largest cruise terminal in the world. The cruise line is building a new terminal at the Port of Miami that will serve as homeport to the ship when it arrives next year.

So cruise passengers will get an entirely new experience all around when they sail aboard World America.

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