New Orleans Cruise Parking (Where to Park) Options, Prices, and Map

Parking for a New Orleans cruise doesn’t have to be stressful. Whether you want the convenience of parking at the port or you want to save money by using an outside parking lot, there are options for you.

That said, there aren’t as many cruise parking options in New Orleans as you’ll find in other places like Galveston. Still, with official port parking, independent lots, and hotels with cruise parking, you do have choices.

Below, we cover all of your choices for parking for your cruise…

Map of parking options for New Orleans cruise
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Official Port of New Orleans Parking

For most passengers, they simply use the official port lots. The port offers ample parking for cruisers at both the Erato Street and Julia Street cruise terminals. Parking is located right at the terminal, offering a major convenience. However, that comes at a cost.

Cruise parking at the port is a minimum of $20 per day, depending on the terminal you use.

Erato St. Cruise Terminal Parking & Rates (Carnival)
The Erato Street Terminal parking is in a parking garage that sits above the terminal. You simply can’t park closer to your ship. No reservations are needed and a parking space in guaranteed.

  • $90 for a four-day cruise
  • $110 for a five-day cruise
  • $140 for a seven-day cruise

Julia St. Cruise Terminal Rates (NCL & Royal Caribbean)
Serving both Royal Caribbean and Norwegian, the Julia Street Terminal offers parking in an fenced lot just across from the cruise terminal. There is a free shuttle that runs if you need help getting to the ship.

  • $20 flat-fee per day

Both of the lots are secured, lighted and patrolled. Oversized vehicle parking (namely, RVs) is available, but at double the daily cost.

Whether your parking is covered or not depends on several factors. If cruising from the Erato St. Terminal (which serves Carnival), then you will be in a parking garage. Unless parking on the top floor of the parking garage, your car will be covered.

If sailing Norwegian or Royal Caribbean, you will use the Julia St. Terminal. This terminal’s parking is on a surface lot (also known as the “whale lot” because of a large mural of whales on a building adjacent to the lot).

Independent Parking Lots

New Orleans Parking
If you’re looking for a sharp discount, you might want to try New Orleans Parking. This company has different lots right near the cruise port, including some with very cheap cruise parking rates, especially compared to the official port parking.

In particular, its Cummins Parking Lot is located very close to the terminal and offers a free shuttle to Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian ships.

The Cummins lot costs $12.50 per day (there is also a $5 service fee and sales tax on top of that.) That’s nearly 40% less than parking at the cruise port.

There is also the Fulton Place Garage. Rates for the top level of the garage run just $10 per day. Lower levels that offer covered parking at $12.50. Both rates are a big savings over the $20 per day charged for official Port of New Orleans lots.

There is also oversized parking available for $18 per day.

New Orleans Cruise Ship Parking
Located about 1.5 miles (5 minutes) from the New Orleans port, this lot offers an alternative to the official port parking. Parking is secured behind a barbed-wire fence. The lot is somewhat small, so spaces are limited and reservations are required.

There is a free shuttle to and from the port. Parking costs $14 per day. Frankly, given the small discount from official port parking we’d rather park closer the ship and be charged slightly more. Still, if you are looking for a cheaper rate this lot is an option.

Hotels With Cruise Parking

As mentioned earlier, many of the hotels in the area cater to cruisers. If you want to save the most money and plan to stay in the area the night before your cruise, then New Orleans hotels with park & cruise packages are your best bet.

These hotels will let you park at a discount (or free!) while you cruise just for staying a night with them. For more information and details on each hotel, visit our page on New Orleans hotels with cruise parking here.

Here are a few hotels from our list:

In addition to our list of hotels with cruise parking, we also have New Orleans hotels with a shuttle to the cruise port.

Questions and Answers About New Orleans Cruise Parking

Do I need a reservation to park?
If you are parking at the official cruise lot, then you don’t need a reservation. A parking spot is guaranteed. If you are using an independent lot, then you will want to reserve online ahead ahead of time. This also gives you a chance to pay ahead of time, giving you one less thing to worry about on cruise day.

Is there free parking anywhere for my cruise?
The only place we’ve found with free parking is at a number of hotels around the city that offer parking for guests that stay with them before their cruise. Apart from that, you’ll have to pay for your parking during your trip.

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  1. We are going on a 14 day cruise on Carnival in Nov 2021. What is the cost to park? Is it just double the 7 day cost, or is it cheaper?

    • Not many 14-day cruises usually sail from there, so not sure. It’s likely best to assume it’s double the 7-day rate and if it turns out cheaper, then that’s great!

  2. We are going on a cruise and need parking for 2 over sized vehicles. I was thinking of booking with Cummins parking, however I have been unable to locate any reviews with regards to this garage. I have read some awful stories about other garages (over charging, booting their vehicles etc.) and the last thing any one wants is to find their car vandalized, booted, etc. Does anyone have experience with Cummins?

  3. I am a disabled 48 yr old woman taking a cruise with Norwegian. I require a mobility scooter to get around. I will be driving into New Orleans and parking at the port. I will be renting the scooter in New Orleans. Can you tell me where there is a handicapped spot near the Norwegian dock and where I should ask for the scooter to be delivered to me there at the port? I cant walk for any distance at all so your help would be so much appreciated, thank you very much 🙂

    • Just head to the port and ask the staff working where to park. We aren’t sure exactly where the handicapped space is, but there will be space for those who need it.

  4. Is there a lot or section someone can drop you off and pick you up for a cruise. Also could they just park at a lot to wait for us (of course paying for it) and can we get a shuttle back and forth if we are not parking for the whole week.

    • I believe they might check to make sure you are boarding a Carnival ship when you enter the garage. But it’s worth a shot! The worst they can tell you is no.

  5. Fulton Street appears to no longer cater to cruisers.
    “Fulton Place Parking – Garage Covered (Overnight)
    “No shuttle for this parking option. This option is for hotel guests/city parking in the area.”

    • We actually called the lot after seeing the same message. We were told the Fulton Place Garage has several options. There is still cruise parking at the garage. If you click “Reserve” and enter your dates, it will show the options at the garage.

    • It looks like the rate has risen for cruise season. According to the website “Please note: season rate of $15.00 per day in affect from 01/03/2019 to 05/05/2019.” Along with tax and a $5 service fee, the total price is $122.60 for garage rooftop parking ($134.36 for covered garage parking). That’s not as much savings as it used to be.

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