12 Must-Know Things About Guy’s Burger Joint on Carnival Cruises

If you’re about to sail on a Carnival cruise then there is one spot that you need to know about. In fact, you might have already heard of it: Guy’s Burger Joint.

Named after celebrity chef Guy Fieri, the restaurant is rolled out across (almost) the entire Carnival fleet. One reason you’ll find it on all these ships? It’s proven insanely popular among passengers.

What’s not to like? With fresh-made burgers that are high-quality, tasty fries, quick service — and did we mention free? — Guy’s is an absolute winner for passengers looking for a great meal.

Before you get your plate, however, we wanted to tell you everything you need to know (including some tips) to get the most out of your meal.

Sign for Guy's Burger Joint on Carnival Ship

Guy’s Burger Joint Is On (Nearly) Every Ship

If you’re craving a burger, then good news. Guy’s Burger Joint is now available on nearly every ship in Carnival’s fleet. The only exceptions? Right now the restaurant is not on the Carnival Miracle and the Carnival Splendor. But if you are sailing on everything from the Carnival Fantasy to the Carnival Panorama, you’ll find Guy’s Burger Joint ready to serve.

The Burgers and Fries Are Included in Your Cruise Fare

Let’s face it, these days cruise lines seem to have charges for almost anything extra. Even if you go on the ship and don’t spend a dime, you’re still going to have gratuity charges. So you might expect that given the popularity of Guy’s Burger Joint it would cost you to eat there.

We’re happy to say that there is no charge to eat at Guy’s. Eat there each day, go back and get another, or just grab a side of fries… it’s all free and included in your cruise fare. That’s a welcome change from how many cruise lines love to find ways to earn more money from each passenger.

All the Burgers Are Fresh Made

So why do people seem to go crazy over Guy’s burgers? There are a number of reasons, but we think the biggest is that they are freshly made.

We’ve all seen buffets or restaurants where you are served a patty that makes it obvious that it was pre-made and pre-frozen. The meat on the burger is perfectly round and each and every one is the exact same size.

At Guy’s the burgers are made by hand and then cooked up. No, they don’t always look perfectly round — but they do taste perfect.

Guy’s Burger Joint Is Only Open a Few Hours Each Day

If a restaurant on land was as popular as Guy’s Burger Joint, it might be open 24 hours. One of the big reasons that the place might be so busy is that it’s only open six hours on a normal day. The operating hours are normally from noon to 6 p.m.

To be honest, we’re not entirely sure why the place is only limited hours. For instance, Pizza del Capitano — Carnival’s on board pizzeria — is open around the clock. We’ve heard from passengers that would love to see Guy’s Burger Joint open all day, or at least have dinner hours.

Guy's Burger Joint hamburger

Don’t Forget the Fries

Sure the burger is the star of the show, but don’t forget the fries. The french fries that are served are the seasoned kind with a tasty batter that’s then fried to perfection. You won’t find skinny fast-food style fries here. They are relatively thick, and as much a part of the experience as the burgers. Don’t worry, the fries are free too.

Yes, You Can Get a Burger on Days in Port

If you’ve been on a cruise, then you know that being in a port of call means the daily schedule on the ship is different than when you’re at sea. There are fewer activities going on until the evening and most things to do on the ship have adjusted hours.

That’s not the case with Guy’s Burger Joint. Whether at sea or at port, you can get your burger. So feel free to come back to the ship and grab a burger and fries after spending time in port. It’s a great treat to greet you back.

The Menu Can Be Confusing

If it’s your first time eating at Guy’s, don’t feel bad if you get confused by the menu. You might think a burger menu should be pretty simple, but Guy’s likes to slather on the personality with a lot of funny names for things. Here’s an example:

“Chilius Maximus: This is for the purist… “Straight Up” no L.T.O.P, Rojo Ring, S.M.C, the donkey and topped off with chili”

Did you get that? Like we said, it can be overwhelming. In fact, there is even a guide for passengers as to what the phrases mean.

  • L.T.O.P: Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, and Pickle
  • S.M.C: Super Melty Cheese
  • Rojo Ring: Crispy Spicy Onion Ring
  • Donkey Sauce: Jacked up Secret Sauce

The good news? You can get your burger however you want it and there is a toppings bar with tons of extras.

Toppings bar at Guy's Burger Join

Don’t Forget the Toppings Bar

There’s the burger line that you stand in to get your burger and fries, but there is also the toppings bar.

Once you grab your burger, head over and that’s where you put on your lettuce, tomatoes, onion, condiments, and more. There are even some fancy extras like sauteed mushrooms and onions, and crispy strips. Dress up your burger however you want; the toppings are self-serve so you can make it your way.

Guy’s Burger Joint Is Located Near the Pool

Wondering where to go to get that juicy burger? On every Carnival ship we know of the restaurant is located on the lido deck, right by the pool. There is usually some seating nearby, and if you aren’t in the mood for burger, Guy’s is next to BlueIguana where you can grab tacos and burritos (also included in your fare).

Don’t want to eat by the pool? Feel free to grab your burger and take it back to your room or your deck chair.

Lines Can Be Long at Peak Times

If you’re not the kind that can wait patiently in line, then be prepared. As we’ve mentioned, Guy’s is extremely popular. During lunchtime it’s not surprising to see lines that can stretch well past the boundaries of the restaurant and into the pool area.

The good news is that the line can move pretty quickly. As well, remember that Guy’s is open all throughout the afternoon. If you can wait until after the peak lunchtime rush, you can step up and grab a burger without hardly any wait at all.

Dinner Is Available If You’re An Early Eater

Yes, Guy’s Burger Joint is primarily a spot for eating lunch, but if you’re an early eater, then head over before it closes at 6:00 pm. You can grab a burger for dinner if you don’t feel like eating in the dining room or the buffet. (For us, it was a welcome reprieve from having to dress up for formal night.)

Thing is, even if you’re not an early eater you can still grab a burger for a mid-afternoon snack and then eat dinner later in the evening.

There Are Two Counters to Order From

One little tip if you want a burger and the lines are long — there’s a second line that’s not always so obvious.

When there is a large crowd waiting in the line, it can look like one continuous group. However, lines actually start on either side of Guy’s Burger Joint to help get people through twice as fast. We’ve also noticed that sometimes one line can be longer than another, so picking the shorter line can get you through more quickly.

Have more questions about Guy’s Burger Joint? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I just sailed on the Carnival Sunshine, Labor day weekend. I was not aware they had onion rings. Why can’t it be on the bar or at least advertised. I spotted another passenger with the onion ring and when I went to get me an onion ring the cook/server said I had to take the whole burger. I thought what a waste. I couldn’t eat two of those big guys! It would be great if the onion were out in the open so you could see it and request it. I noted he reached in a drawer and pulled it out.


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