Is Nude Cruising For You? Details on Big Nude Boat 2019

Part of cruising the Caribbean is wearing your swimsuit, hitting the pool and the beach, and soaking up the sun.

For most people that swimsuit means a pair of shorts or a bikini. But for the more adventurous among us, their swimsuit is the same as their birthday suit. Yes, we’re talking about nude cruising — a little-known, but common way to take a vacation.

Case in point: the Big Nude Boat 2019 | Best Bare Beaches cruise being put on by the Bare Necessities Tour and Travel Co. This cruise sails January 25, 2019 from Port Canaveral in Florida. The 9-night trip is aboard the Carnival Sunshine, with stops in Half Moon Cay (Bahamas), Ocho Rios (Jamaica), Mahogany Bay (Honduras) and Cozumel.

What’s special about this trip is that the approximately 3,000 passengers are all a part of the largest nude gathering in the world. The chartered cruise (you don’t have to worry about accidentally booking the trip through Carnival) features more than a week of activities for like-minded passengers looking to have a little natural fun on their vacation.

In many ways the trip is similar to a traditional cruise, just with the option to be free of clothes while you enjoy hanging out poolside, sit on the balcony, or just wander the ship. However, given the audience, there are special activities designed for the passengers that aren’t seen similar cruises. According to Bare Necessities, this has included theme nights in the past like FantaSEA-FEST, Nudapalooza, Naked Man, and a Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball.

This year the themed nights include:

  • 2 Worlds Collide!: Alice meets Dorothy — A mash-up of Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz where you are encouraged to dress as your favorite character.
  • Fiesta de Flip Flop — A party after departing Mexico where all you need to wear are your flip flops and be ready to party.
  • Not Your High School Prom — A twist on the classic prom where formal attire is optional. It may actually be more memorable than your real prom.

What’s also special about this trip is that the travel company behind the cruise is looking to have places on land where passengers can go bare. For example, it’s arranged to be the only ship at Half Moon Cay when it ports so that means guests can be nude on the ship (in most cases clothing must be worn when docked in port) as well as on the island. There are also nude excursions available in other ports of call. Try ditching your clothes on a regular cruise and see how long it takes to be asked to leave!

What Rules Are There on the Cruise?

If you’ve never taken a cruise like this before, it’s common to think that it’s wild time with no rules. In fact, for the enjoyment of all passengers there are many rules that passengers need to follow around being nude.

  • Passengers must be dressed when the ship is in port (unless specified otherwise)
  • Passengers must be dressed for meals in the dining room and specialty restaurants (clothes are optional in the buffet)
  • Lingerie and “fetish-wear” are not allowed at any time
  • No photos or videos can be taken unless you have express consent of the person. If you’re found taking photos when you shouldn’t be, you’ll be dismissed at the next port of call
  • Passengers should use a towel or other item to sit on at all times
  • Sexual activity is prohibited in public areas and will get passengers kicked off the cruise

How Much Does the Cruise Cost?

Like all cruises, your budget depends on your tastes. The lowest-cost interior cabin runs $1,299 per person before port taxes and gratuities. Rates climb all the way to $8,999 per person for the the highest-level Captain’s Suite. The least expensive balcony cabin is $2,399. Note that there are some coupon codes offered that can taken hundreds off your fare so you may pay considerably less.

Where Can I Get More Details?

If the Big Nude Boat 2019 sounds like a cruise you’d be interested in sailing, then you can find more details and booking information at The cruise departs January 25, 2019.

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