Is Nude Cruising For You? Details on Big Nude Boat 2024

Maybe you’ve taken a cruise… but what about taking a nude cruise?

Themed cruises cover any interest imaginable… including being nude on the ship. Next year the Big Nude Boat 2024 sets sail, giving passengers a chance to cruise au naturel.

Part of cruising the Caribbean is donning your swimsuit, hitting the pool and the beach, and soaking up the sun. For most people, that swimsuit means a pair of shorts, a bikini, or a one-piece.

But for the more adventurous among us, their swimsuit is a no-piece. Yes, we’re talking about nude cruising. And yes, nude cruises do exist.

Big Nude Boat 2024: Clothing Optional Cruise

Case in point: The Big Nude Boat 2024. Aptly named, this cruise is being put on by Bare Necessities Tour and Travel. It has become a regular event, and this iteration sails February 25, 2024 from Tampa, Florida. The 7-night trip is aboard the Carnival Pride, with stops in Costa Maya, Mahogany Bay (Roatan), and Cozumel.

Previous years included two-week back-to-back cruises, but that’s shifting this year to a shorter one-week cruise, making the trip more accessible for those with less vacation time.

On the specialty chartered cruise, (no, you don’t have to worry about accidentally booking the trip through Carnival!) you’ll share the ship with thousands of like-minded passengers, all interested in sailing clothes-free. 

In many ways the trip is similar to a traditional cruise, just with the option to be nude while you enjoy hanging out poolside, go skinny-dipping in hot tub, sit on the balcony, or just wander the ship.

However, given the audience, there are special activities designed for the passengers that aren’t seen typical cruises. While the parties and events for the 2024 sailing haven’t been announced, previous themed nights have included:

  • 2 Worlds Collide!: Alice meets Dorothy — A mash-up of Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz where you are encouraged to dress as your favorite character.
  • Fiesta de Flip Flop — A party after departing Mexico where all you need to wear are your flip flops and be ready to party.
  • Not Your High School Prom — A twist on the classic prom where formal attire is definitely optional. 

Wait, Really? People Are Nude on the Ship?

The cruise sails aboard Carnival Pride, giving passengers a chance to enjoy everything about a cruise… without clothing.

There are themed cruises for everything from poker fanatics to music fans to LGBT passengers. So it shouldn’t be a surprise — especially given the sun and warm climate of a cruise — that nude cruising is also an option.

And yes, passengers are free to enjoy the cruise just as they normally would, just without the clothes. Sunbathe without worrying about tan lines? Sure. Want to play blackjack without a shirt? Go for it. There are even some nude shore excursions available for passengers.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you don’t need to pack any clothes for the trip. Clothing is required in the dining room, along with being clothed while the ship is docked in port. 

One exception? This particular cruise has a stop in Mahogany Bay, Carnival’s private destination in Roatan, Honduras. As the only ship in port that day in a private area, passengers are allowed to enjoy the beach and water sans clothing.

What Rules Are There on the Nude Cruise?

If you’ve never taken a cruise like this before, it’s a mistake to think that it’s just a wild time with no rules. In fact, for the enjoyment of all passengers there is a “decorum” that’s required to be followed. Rules include:

  • Passengers must be dressed when the ship is in port (unless specified otherwise).
  • Passengers must be dressed for meals in the dining rooms. Clothing is optional in the buffet. 
  • Lingerie, fetish-wear, and “excessive genital jewelry” are not allowed at any time.
  • No photos or videos can be taken unless you have express consent of the person. As well, there are “no photo zones” around the pools and dance venues. This way, everyone can be comfortable being bare without having to worry about photos being shared off the ship.
  • Passengers should use a towel or other item to sit on at all times
  • Sexual activity is prohibited in public areas. This includes “fondling or inappropriate touching of personal body parts or those of someone else.” 

In short, the rules are designed to allow passengers to enjoy the freedom of nude cruising in a respectful environment that keeps others as comfortable as possible. Break the rules and it’s made clear that it will be “grounds for dismissal from the cruise.” 

How Much Does the Cruise Cost?

Like all cruises, your budget depends on your tastes. The lowest-cost interior cabin runs $1,200 per person before port taxes and gratuities. Rates climb all the way to $8,400 per person for the the highest-level Grand Suite. The least expensive balcony cabin (with an obstructed view) is $2,400. 

Those prices are somewhat higher than a typical cruise. For example, the subsequent (non-nude!) sailing of Carnival Pride on March 3, 2024 starts at $799 per person for an interior cabin. However, it’s common for specialty chartered cruises to see slightly higher prices.

Do I Have to Be Nude on the Ship?

If you’ve never sailed on a nude cruise before but are interested in the idea, you might be wondering if you actually have to be naked on the ship. What if you’re not entirely comfortable?

In that case, details on the Bare Necessities website should put you at ease. There, it makes it clear that you only have to do what makes you comfortable:

“By joining us on a Bare Necessities cruise, you are not forced to become a nudist and we do not ask you to label yourself as such. Bare vacationing is about you. It’s about how you feel, it’s about being comfortable in your own skin, and it’s about seeing the world in a whole new way. All we do is provide you with the opportunity to go bare. How bare? That’s up to you.”

Where Can I Get More Details?

If the Big Nude Boat 2024 sounds like a cruise you’d be interested in sailing, then you can find more details and booking information at The cruise departs February 25, 2024.

The company behind the cruise has also announced its Big Nude Boat 2025 will set sail February 3-14, 2025 aboard the Norwegian Pearl.

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