Here’s How Much is Costs to Take a Taxi From Cape Liberty

If you’re headed to Cape Liberty for a cruise, you may realize that it’s quite a distance from major airports and the rest of New York City. There are a number of ways to get back and forth from the port and the city, but one of the most popular is the iconic New York taxi cab.

If you’re wondering how much is costs to catch a cab between anywhere and the city and Cape Liberty, then you can always use a site like to get a rough idea.

But wouldn’t you rather know how much it costs straight from the horse’s mouth?

We recently came across this image of a sign at the Cape Liberty cruise port with dozens of rates between the cruise port and different points in the city. It’s the most complete listing of rates we’ve seen. It’s super helpful if you’re trying to budget for transportation during your trip.

Rates from Cape Liberty

If you want cheaper ways to get around New York, then be sure to see our page on Cape Liberty port transportation. There we detail all your options, including cheap public transportation.

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