Galveston’s Carnival Liberty to Enter Drydock Next Month

Earlier this week, the Carnival Liberty made headlines when the cruise line had to cancel a sailing due to a mechanical issue. In addition, the ship also adjusted upcoming sailings for two more cruises as the issue appeared to be more difficult to solve than first anticipated.

The cancellations come at an awkward time for Carnival Liberty. In just about a month, she will head to drydock for updates and renovations, which will taker her out of service for about two weeks.

According to Carnival, the ship will be in drydock between December 1 and December 16. The first scheduled cruise after the renovation is on December 17.

While out of commission, Liberty will see updates around the entire ship, with new carpet and lighting, among other features. In addition, the crew area will also be renovated.

Here is the official announcement from Carnival’s website regarding what will be upgraded:

“In addition to routine hotel maintenance and cosmetic enhancements in lounges and public areas such as new carpeting, wall coverings, tile work and lighting, the following will take place:

Crew area renovations”

In addition, we’re sure that the cruise line will use the drydock time to go over the mechanics of the ship to make sure they are in tip-top shape and avoid any possible future delays.

Have you been on the Carnival Liberty lately? Was it in need of an update? Let us know in the comments below.

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