Four Cruises With Stunning Views of the April 2024 Eclipse

For skywatchers, April 8, 2024 is a major date. Following an annular eclipse that occurred in October 2023, April 8 marks a second event in just six months. However, this time it will be a total solar eclipse.

During that day, the moon will pass between the Sun and Earth, completely blocking the Sun. The sky will turn dark, and if it’s clear and you are in the path of totality, then you should be able to see the outer corona of the Sun, which is normally invisible due to the brightness of the star.

The path of the eclipse will start in the Pacific Ocean and Mexico, and then through Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, and New York before reaching Maine and Canada. The 2024 eclipse excites many people because it will be the last to be seen from the continuous United States until 2044, according to NASA.

The path of the 2024 eclipse (purple) will take it through the United States and the west coast of Mexico. NASA/Scientific Visualization Studio/Michala Garrison; eclipse calculations by Ernie Wright, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

In fact, many spots in the path of totality plan to deal with heavy traffic and limited hotel rooms as droves of people visit to catch the site of the astronomical moment.

But perhaps nowhere could the view be better than on a cruise ship. While most people will see the eclipse on land, the path takes it over the Pacific coast of Mexico, including the port city of Mazatlán and near the popular port of Cabo San Lucas.

That means there are cruise ships that will be in the area, with the ability to move to get a perfect view of the eclipse and no worries about land or trees blocking the view.

In fact, we’ve found several cruises that will be in the area on April 8 making them ideal for having a nice vacation while also getting arguably the best view of the event.

Discovery Princess (Departs April 3 from Los Angeles)

Discovery Princess offers a 10-day cruise that will be in the prime location to see the totality of the eclipse off the coast of Mexico.

How popular is this eclipse? Discovery Princess sets sail on April 3, 2024 on a 10-day “Mexican Riviera with Total Solar Eclipse” cruise… and it’s already completely sold out.

The ship sails from Los Angeles with stops in Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlán, and then on April 8 will be in prime position to see the totality of the event. Mazatlán, Mexico is right in the center of the eclipse path. You couldn’t ask for more perfect positioning.

Following the eclipse, Discovery Princess will stop in Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta, followed by two days at sea before returning to California.

Holland America Koningsdam (Departs April 5 from San Diego)

What could make a cruise of a lifetime even better? What about adding in the best view of the total eclipse in the middle of it?

This cruise aboard Holland America is a stunning 22-day trip that departs San Diego, visits Mexico, then sails across the Pacific to tour the Hawaiian islands before ending in Vancouver. That by itself is an amazing itinerary.

But this cruise will visit Cabo San Lucas on April 7 and Puerto Vallarta on April 9. That puts it in great position for the eclipse on April 8. If you want to sail, then you can aboard starting at $1,599 per person.

Holland America Volendam (Departs April 6 from San Diego)

Another Holland America cruise, this is another epic cruise that would be amazing without the eclipse as the cherry on top.

In this case, it’s a 15-day cruise that departs San Diego on a Panama Canal cruise that ends in Fort Lauderdale. Technically it doesn’t have a day focused on the eclipse, but on April 8, it will be docked in Cabo San Lucas. The port isn’t in the path of totality, but it is at a spot with 95% of totality, giving a still great view.

After that, it’s more stops in Mexico, Central America, Colombia, and The Bahamas before ending the trip in Fort Lauderdale.

Tickets on the epic cruise start at $899 per person but taxes and port expenses will tack on nearly $700 extra.

Emerald Princess (Departs April 5 from Los Angeles)

Emerald Princess will be on a repositioning cruise in April 2024, putting it in a prime spot to view the eclipse. It departs April 5 from Los Angeles. The 15-day cruise then heads to Cabo San Lucas and will be at sea in a perfect spot during the eclipse.

After that, it stops in Huatulco, Mexico and Costa Rica before doing a transit of the Panama Canal. Once through, you’ll stop in Cartagena, Columbia and a port of call at Grand Cayman.

Finally, you’ll end the cruise in Fort Lauderdale on April 20. The two-week cruise is aboard Emerald Princess, and you could be aboard starting at $1,898 for an interior cabin per person.

A Rare Chance to Experience an Eclipse at Sea

While millions will be able to see the eclipse in some form, a fairly narrow strip of the world will be in a position to see the rare event in totality. With a cruise, however, you have the ability to be perfectly positioned — if the weather cooperates. 

If you have the means, being on a ship in the eclipse’s path promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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