Exclusive: Photos of Damage to MSC Armonia After Pier Hit

The last few days have seen a lot of press about the MSC Armonia hitting a pier in Roatan, Honduras. The dramatic video shows an amazing view of the cruise ship slamming into the pier and causing significant damage.

If you haven’t yet seen the video, you can view it here:

We happened to be on a cruise aboard the Liberty of the Seas when the incident occurred. Due to the damage caused to the pier, our call on Roatan was cancelled and the ship spent another day at sea.

Following that, the Liberty of the Seas docked in Costa Maya, Mexico. To our surprise, docked near the Liberty was the MSC Armonia. We went to the upper decks of our ship to capture photos of the damaged caused by the collision.

As you can see below, the collision definitely left a mark on the bow of the ship, however, it does not look to be serious enough to make the ship unsailable. There are large scrapes and dents from the pier hit.

Damage to the hull of MSC Armonia from collision with pier in Roatan

Zoomed in photo of hull damage to MSC Armonia

Photo of MSC Armonia damage after pier hit.

According to news reports, the ship underwent some repairs in Roatan before continuing to sail on the rest of its journey. The large rectangular area underneath the anchor does look like a repair was done to this spot.

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