Disturbing Video of an Australian Cruise Ship Fight (And Staff Hitting Guests?)

We’ve just seen a disturbing video, allegedly taken aboard the cruise ship Carnival Legend. The ship, which is currently sailing routes in Australia, looks far from a peaceful vacation. In the video, there appears to be a major fight going on between passengers.

According to local news stories about the incident (which referred to it as a ‘bloodbath’), about 30 people were reported to be involved in the fights on the ship.

You can view the copy of the video here:

While the violence shown in the video is unnerving, something else caught out eye. It appears that a member of the ship’s crew slaps at the filming camera (around the 0:45 mark) of someone that doesn’t seem to be involved in the fight.

Furthermore, it looks like other staff members repeatedly kick at two people fighting on the ground. While some force and physical contact is definitely needed to break up a fight, the kicking doesn’t appear to be pulling them apart or stopping the fight.

This story is just coming to light and is likely to become major news in both Australia and the United States in the coming days.

In a statement to news.com.au, Carnival said:

“Safety is the number one priority for Carnival Cruise Line, we take a zero tolerance approach to excessive behaviour that affects other guests and we have acted accordingly on Carnival Legend.

“The ship’s highly trained security staff have taken strong action in relation to a small group of disruptive guests who have been involved in altercations on board.

“The ship’s security team is applying our zero tolerance policy in the interests of the safety and comfort of other guests.

“Carnival Legend is currently on a 10-day South Pacific cruise scheduled to be completed in Melbourne tomorrow where the ship is currently homeported.”

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