Details on New Galveston Cruise Terminal 3 (Including Cost & Location)

If you’re a Galveston-based cruiser, then there is some exciting news. Royal Caribbean and the Port of Galveston have signed a memorandum of understanding on the development of a third cruise terminal on the island.

The plan is for the new terminal to serve Royal Caribbean as a tenant. While the cruise line already sails from the island, it shares a terminal with Disney and Carnival. The construction of the new terminal will give Royal Caribbean a dedicated space, plus allow them to bring the largest ships in the world to Galveston.

“When we’re investing this heavily in the construction of a terminal and entering into long-term lease agreements, then that usually signifies that we will be bringing our ships such as the Oasis class.” Royal Caribbean CEO Michael Bayley said, according to

Oasis-class ships are the largest cruise liners on earth, weighing in at more than 225,000 tons and holding more than 5,000 passengers.

All told, the new terminal is rumored to cost about $100 million and cover 200,000 square feet. It will also include bus and taxi areas, staging areas, and parking. The location will be at Pier 10, which is several blocks from the current cruise terminals. Here is an approximate location of the area of the new terminal.

Map of Galveston Terminal 3 location
No plans have been released, so an exact location isn’t known yet. The terminal is set to open in fall of 2021.

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